Kim Kardashian faces backlash for Tweeting from “American Horror Story” set amidst writers’ strike

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

A recent tweet from Kim Kardashian while on the set of “American Horror Story” has sparked criticism and controversy amidst an ongoing writers’ strike. As the strike, which began in May, continues to impact the entertainment industry, tensions are high regarding fair compensation for writers. Kardashian’s tweet, which reached her nearly 75 million followers, received backlash from individuals affected by the strike, highlighting the division between the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. Let’s delve into the details surrounding the incident and the ensuing response from both supporters and critics.

Kim Kardashian’s Questionable Tweet

Kim Kardashian’s tweet from the set of “American Horror Story” raised eyebrows among the writing community. In the tweet, she casually inquired about her followers’ activities while on set, seemingly unaware or indifferent to the ongoing writers’ strike. The tweet garnered over 2,700 replies, with one member of SAG-AFTRA responding that they were unable to work due to the strike. Another user questioned Kardashian’s awareness of the strike, prompting further criticism from the online community.

Unfazed Replies and Mixed Reactions

Despite the pushback received, Kim Kardashian persisted in responding to her fans’ comments. She engaged with followers and even reassured one user that the upcoming season of “American Horror Story” would be “scary.” However, comedian and “Loot” actor Joel Kim Booster’s witty response gained significant attention, as he simply replied, “Picketing, Kim,” accumulating over 6,700 likes. This exchange further amplified the criticism faced by the “American Horror Story” cast and crew amid the ongoing writers’ strike.

Ryan Murphy’s Denial and the Impact on “American Horror Story”

Ryan Murphy, the creator of “American Horror Story,” addressed allegations made earlier by TV producer Warren Leight that crew members participating in the strike would face the consequences. Murphy firmly dismissed these claims as “absolute nonsense” in a statement, as reported by Variety. Despite this clarification, the controversy surrounding the show’s involvement in the strike remains a point of contention for industry professionals and supporters of the writers’ cause.

Future of “American Horror Story” and the Strike

Season 12 of “American Horror Story” is set to premiere in August 2023, according to Screen Rant. As the strike persists, concerns arise regarding the impact on the show’s production and the working conditions for writers. The ongoing dispute between the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers centers around fair compensation and the negotiation of a new contract. It remains to be seen how these negotiations will unfold and whether the strike will come to a resolution that satisfies the writers’ demands.


Kim Kardashian’s tweet from the set of “American Horror Story” during an ongoing writers’ strike drew criticism and sparked a larger conversation about fair compensation for writers in the entertainment industry. While Kardashian faced backlash for her seemingly unaware or dismissive stance on strike, her engagement with fans continued unabated. The controversy surrounding “American Horror Story” amid the strike highlights the complexities of the ongoing labor dispute, with creator Ryan Murphy firmly denying allegations of consequences for crew members involved in the strike. As the strike persists, the future of the show and the overall resolution of the writers’ demands remain uncertain, leaving the industry and fans eagerly awaiting a resolution that ensures fair treatment and compensation for writers.