Kim Kardashian faces backlash over her ‘sunken nostril’ in latest brand campaign

Kim Kardashian
Credits: Kim Kardashian/X

Kim Kardashian recently took to Instagram to promote her latest venture, Skims skincare. In a series of makeup-free selfies posted on Monday, December 5, 2023, the entrepreneur showcased her new skincare line. The photos featured Kim posing with her hands under her chin, exhibiting a dewy and fresh complexion while highlighting the products from Skims skincare.

The Kardashians star captioned the photos with “@skkn for the win,” indicating the focus on her skincare line. The images aimed to emphasize the effectiveness of the Skims skincare products, portraying Kim with a natural and radiant look.

Fan Observations and Social Media Reaction

Despite the promotional intent, fans noticed certain aspects of the photos that sparked discussions on social media. Some users on platforms like Reddit pointed out perceived inconsistencies or alterations in the images.

One Reddit user uploaded a campaign photo with the thread title: “This is a friendly reminder that you don’t need to buy all these celebrity skincare brands.” The comment suggests a skepticism towards celebrity skincare brands and the need to evaluate their efficacy.

Another user suggested that the photo appeared edited despite the attempt at a natural look. Comments included observations about Kim’s nose, skin texture, and hands showing signs of age. The discussion hinted at concerns about the authenticity of celebrity skincare promotions.

Previous Criticisms

The discussion also touched upon previous instances where the Kardashian-Jenner family faced criticism over their appearances. Khloe Kardashian, in particular, was mentioned for her ‘overflamed and inflamed’ look in a November episode of “Kardashians.” Kim herself faced scrutiny for her appearance at an event, including comments about her lips.

For the unversed, Kim Kardashian rebranded her initial beauty line, KKW Beauty, as SKKN and launched it in 2022. The skincare line aims to cater to a wide audience, leveraging Kim’s influence and popularity.

While the reality mogul’s SKIMS skincare promotion intended to showcase the positive effects of the products, social media discussions highlighted the scrutiny and skepticism that often accompany celebrity skincare endorsements. Fans engaged in conversations about authenticity, photo editing, and the broader landscape of celebrity skincare brands.