Kim Kardashian faces backlash over recent lingerie video; Know why

Kim Kardashian
Credits: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian, known for her bold choices, faced unexpected scrutiny from Greenpeace due to her latest lingerie advertisement. The controversy surrounds the launch of a bra from her SKIMS line, featuring built-in nipples, which triggered accusations of ‘greenwashing’ in the campaign video.

The reality TV star shared the controversial video on TikTok late last month, sparking a response from Greenpeace on Instagram.

Why the Backlash?

The backlash stems from Kardashian’s casual approach to climate change in the advertisement for the “nipple bra.” While promoting the product, she mentioned issues like rising sea levels and melting ice sheets, using them as part of the marketing strategy. Greenpeace condemned this approach, accusing her of making a profit at the expense of a serious global crisis.

Greenpeace’s Reaction

In a fiery Instagram post, Greenpeace criticized Kardashian for treating climate change as a mere “punchline” for profit. The environmental group expressed disappointment in her choice to use melting glaciers and rising sea levels as marketing gimmicks, undermining the severity of a crisis affecting millions.

North West’s Unfiltered Opinions

In the latest episode of “The Kardashians,” viewers witnessed a candid moment between Kim Kardashian and her 10-year-old daughter, North West. The scene unfolded during a fitting for the 2023 Met Gala, where Kardashian was working with Schiaparelli’s creative director, Daniel Roseberry, in New York City.

During the fitting, North West didn’t hold back when sharing her thoughts on her mom’s fashion choices. When asked about Kardashian’s 2023 Met Gala look, North offered a review that included a blunt assessment of her past ensembles.

Critique of the Balenciaga Look

Specifically, North addressed the memorable Balenciaga look Kardashian donned for the Met Gala in 2021. Describing it as if “you’re getting covered by a plastic bag and you’re suffocating and can’t see,” North didn’t mince words. The Balenciaga outfit, which covered Kardashian’s entire face and body, stirred controversy when initially revealed.

Reflecting on the Bold Fashion Choices

Kardashian’s Balenciaga looks from 2021 generated discussions about pushing fashion boundaries and challenging traditional red carpet norms. In a previous interview with Vogue, Kardashian shared her initial reservations about the avant-garde ensemble, highlighting the complexities of balancing fashion experimentation with public reception.