Kim Kardashian faces criticism as she supports C-Murder

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

Kim Kardashian has recently received a lot of flak owing to her advocacy for the release of Master P’s brother, C-Murder, from prison. It has stirred up multiple emotions, especially within the family members of the victim. According to TMZ, George Thomas, the brother of Steve Thomas (victim), stated that The Kardashians star’s endorsement has reminded him of the painful memories. He further stated that the media attention that C-Murder got over the years has made it impossible for the family to find closure from the tragedy. 

Why is Kim Slammed?

Talking about Kim Kardashian, she is often known to voice out her opinions on various matters. She was quick to talk about C-Murder recently, joining the group of celebrities who believe in the latter’s innocence. She also went on to talk about using her platform for those who seek justice. The SKIMS founder talked about the development of the infamous case according to the latest Louisiana laws. It is when a few people got furious about her talking about reconsidering C-Murder’s conviction. 

Credits: Instagram

Why the Hype?

The case has further grabbed media attention because of the latest change in Louisiana laws that allow those guilty to prove their innocence. Kim also went on to talk about the testimonies of two witnesses, upon which the conviction of C-Murder was originally based. 

What Does George Thomas Say?

George was quick to quash Kim’s claims while criticizing her and saying that every piece of evidence points to C-Murder’s guilt in the tragedy. He also disagrees with all the statements put forward by the accused’s legal team. He further talked about how the case was upheld way back in 2011 and also reached the Supreme Court of the United States later. However, the court declined to hear the case back then. George also said that he sides with Kim Kardashian over her advocacy for wrongfully convicted people. C-Murder does not happen to be one of them.