Kim Kardashian gets brutally trolled over body makeup stain on wall

Kim Kardashian
Credits: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

The Kardashian sisters, Kim and Kourtney, are no strangers to publicized conflicts, and a recent viral video showcases a heated moment between the two. This altercation, taking place in the 18th season premiere of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” has caught the attention of netizens for an unexpected reason.

The Fight Unveiled

In the video, tensions escalate as Kourtney expresses her desire to quit filming, citing a lack of payment for a trip. Kim responds by highlighting her and Khloe’s hard work, sparking a physical confrontation. The intense brawl unfolds with both sisters exchanging blows.


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Unexpected Makeup Mishap

While the focus should be on the sisters’ clash, viewers couldn’t help but notice an amusing detail. As Kim strikes the wall during the altercation, her body makeup leaves a visible mark. This unintentional makeup mishap has become a point of discussion among netizens.

Netizen Reactions and Trolling

Social media users are having a field day, trolling Kim for having full-body makeup on during an apparent at-home altercation. Comments like “Kim body makeup left a stain on Khloe’s wall” and “The makeup mark on the wall” flood the viral clip. Some users humorously remark on the clash between seemingly plastic figures.

Kourtney’s Perspective on Sisterly Fights

In a recent birthday wish for Kim, Kourtney shared insights into their longstanding history of disagreements. She revealed that the publicized fights seen on TV were mild compared to the hair-pulling and nail-digging battles from their early high school years.

While the Kardashian clashes continue to entertain and captivate audiences, this viral video adds a touch of unexpected humor to the ongoing saga of the famous reality TV family.