Kim Kardashian gets criticized after boasting about expensive body scan

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

Kim Kardashian often makes headlines for one reason or the other. Recently, the SKIMS founder found herself embroiled in another controversy, and yes, this time, there were a lot of criticisms too. It so happened that Kim recently went for a full body scan and shared details of the same on social media. However, the whopping amount associated with the scan drew a lot of flak for The Kardashians star on social media.

The Posts

It so happened that Kim Kardashian recently took to social media and shared a few pictures of herself while revealing that she has got a full body scan. Here is what she said on her caption, “I recently did this @prenuvo scan and had to tell you all about this life saving machine. The Prenuvo full-body scan has the ability to detect cancer and diseases such as aneurysms in its earliest stages, before symptoms arise. It was like getting a MRI for an hour with no radiation. It has really saved some of my friends lives and I just wanted to share #NotAnAd.”

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The Reactions

As soon as Kim shared the post on social media, the internet was filled with mixed responses, mostly negative. While some of them called her ‘tone deaf,’ a few others stated how many lives could have the body scan saved if it was affordable for everyone.

Earlier News

A few days ago, Kim Kardashian is reported to have met her ex-husband Kanye West and his current wife, Bianca Censori. The SKIMS founder is said to have warned Bianca regarding her daughter North West who was also embroiled in another controversy for having worn an outfit that resembled the KKK clan’s outfits. However, none of the parties have revealed anything about it yet. As for Bianca and Kanye, they were recently spotted together with a lookalike of Kim Kardashian, which also sparked a lot of reactions on social media.