Kim Kardashian gets hilariously pranked by daughter North West

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Twitter

Kim Kardashian was just pranked by her daughter North West hilariously and now, the entire instance has gone viral on the internet. The beauty mogul reportedly got flustered after her daughter shaved off her eyebrows in what happened to be a social media prank.

The video

Talking about the video, it was uploaded via Kim and North’s joint TikTok account on December 18, 2022. North West, who is currently nine years old, films herself holding what appears to be a pink razor and rubbing it along her 42-year-old mother’s eyebrows while she was sleeping.

Later, North woke The Kardashians star and showed her the skewed image while using a particular filter that made the reality mogul look like she was showcasing pencil-thin eyebrows.

Kim Kardashian was more than shocked after seeing her condition and can be heard saying, “North, this is not funny.” On the other hand, we can hear the little one laughing in the background.

North West Pranks Mom Kim Kardashian By Pretending to Shave Off Her Eyebrows- ‘Not Funny’ - 094
Credit: US Weekly

North details

Talking about North, she has currently 11.3 million followers on TikTok. Here is what she captioned in the earlier video, “The fake eyebrows filter that’s so funny ha ha!”

Earlier news

Kim Kardashian and her ex Kanye West’s daughter North West earlier dropped another hilarious TikTok video and the internet is amazed over the same. Talking about the pre-teen, she has sent her fans into a frenzy with her flawless moves as everyone witnessed her grooving to Michael Jackson’s 1988 hit ‘Man in the Mirror.’

North took to her and her mom Kim’s joint TikTok account and dropped a short clip of herself showing off her cool dancing and acting skills as she roamed around the lavish living space.

North’s love for MJ

Talking about North West, she is known to be a die-hard fan of Michael Jackson. The same was revealed by her mom Kim Kardashian in one of her Instagram stories in 2019. Here is what the reality star said back then, “North is a really big Michael Jackson fan and we knew she would love this.” She further added on Christmas Eve in the same year, “We won this on an auction for Northie for Christmas.”