Kim Kardashian gets trolled online over ‘bob’ hairdo; Here’s why

Credits: Instagram

The internet denizens often wield their Photoshop prowess with lightning speed. This particular digital pastime doesn’t spare even the most glamorous celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and we recently got proof! For the unversed, the Kardashians star recently unveiled her chic new ‘bob’ haircut through a video, only to find herself in the crosshairs of some playful comparisons.

The Bob Effect and Amusing Parallels

The ‘bob’ haircut – a short and stylish hairdo – prompted inevitable parallels between Kim Kardashian and other prominent figures flaunting the same style. The internet is rife with comparisons, and a couple stood out for their humor. Kim, well-acquainted with the online whirlwind, is no stranger to the swiftness that has earned internet humor its legendary status, especially when it comes to her.

Kim’s ‘Bob’ Transformation

The previous week, Kim Kardashian graced the digital realm with a video in the company of her renowned celebrity trainer, Senada Greca. Her long, flowing black hair was on full display as she seized the opportunity to flaunt a new ‘bob’ haircut ahead of an upcoming campaign for her SKIMS brand. The campaign spotlights new, generously-sized bras, and in one of the videos, Kim dons a black sweater while conversing about the bra’s quality, her ‘bob’ hairdo serving as a trendy accessory.

The Playful Video

The SKIMS brand didn’t shy away from cranking up the humor a notch in a subsequent video posted on platform X. Here, Kim Kardashian didn’t hold back, making light of her own transformation. A glance at the comments section of the relatively safe-for-work video reveals a slew of amusement-fueled jabs. From Lord Farquaad’s comparisons to cheeky requests to join her fictional chocolate factory, the jests flowed freely. Playful users even introduced a feline element, sharing images of kittens sporting their own ‘bob’ hairdos.

Meme Storm Unleashed!

As the internet erupted in laughter, it remains to be seen how Kim Kardashian will respond to the meme storm she inadvertently unleashed. The anticipation of her reaction has set her social media accounts abuzz, as fans and followers eagerly await her perspective on the meme-making extravaganza she unwittingly sparked.