Kim Kardashian is named GQ’s Man of the Year

Kim Kardashian
Photo: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian, renowned reality TV personality, model, businesswoman, socialite, and trainee lawyer, has been honored as GQ’s “Tycoon of the Year” for 2023. This recognition follows her recent venture into men’s underwear and her continued success in various business ventures.

The reality mogul, known for founding the Skims clothing brand, cosmetics lines, perfumes, an energy drink, a mobile game, and a private equity fund, has been named “Tycoon of the Year” on GQ’s prestigious list. Her newest venture into men’s underwear further solidifies her entrepreneurial prowess.


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Playful Allusion to Male Stereotypes in Photoshoot

In the GQ photoshoot, Kardashian is featured wearing mostly masculine outfits, including a pinstripe shirt, patterned tie, bomber jacket, oversized blazer, and a cropped tank top with dumbbells. The playful allusion to traditionally male-dominated situations, such as an office desk, water cooler, and gym, reflects her breaking of gender stereotypes in the business world.

Social Media Reaction and Controversy

Kim Kardashian’s inclusion as the cover star for GQ’s “Men of the Year” sparked debate on social media, with some expressing confusion and even anger. Critics questioned her eligibility for the title, while others found humor in the unconventional choice.

One social media user commented, “Kim Kardashian is your Man of the Year? Take it seriously for a second,” while another expressed humor, saying, “When you didn’t understand the assignment. Man oh man.”

Entrepreneurial Success and Skims’ Achievements

GQ emphasized Kardashian’s standing as a successful entrepreneur, highlighting Skims’ remarkable success. The brand, now worth $4 billion, has had a stellar year, introducing a Skims Men line, collaborating with Swarovski, and partnering with the NBA.

Personal Reflections on Divorce

In an interview for the GQ issue, Kardashian opened up about her parents’ divorce during her teenage years and how their “openness” about the subject influenced her ability to navigate her own breakup with Kanye West. This candid discussion adds a personal touch to the broader narrative of her success.