Kim Kardashian launches her first-ever official homeware range; Calls it minimalistic elegance

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s renowned skincare brand SKKN has recently released its home accessories collection that includes five-piece homeware designed to mimic the neutral and aesthetic color palette of the diva’s own home. The five-piece range is the first-ever homeware collection released by the reality TV personality and is entirely made from concrete. It is reportedly designed to be used in the bathroom space.


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The collection

As published in the latest reports, SKKN stated, “Each decorative piece is crafted from hand-poured concrete and infused with a minimalist design that mimics the calming aesthetic and neutral color palette of Kardashian’s home.” The brand further added, “Designed to marry art and functionality, the collection reimagines the home into a serene, clutter-free oasis.” SKKN also said, “Each piece has its own unique texture and stone effect with an ornate patina occurring over time, making no two pieces exactly the same.”

Kim Kardashian also talked about the collection that includes a vanity tray, wastebasket, tissue box, spherical storage container, and a canister with a lid. She described the collection as modern, minimalistic elegance.

Kim’s thoughts

Here is what Kim Kardashian said about the latest collection, “I knew I wanted to complement my skincare collection with home accessories, designed to display my products and elevate the home with modern, minimalistic elegance.” She added, “When designing this collection, I wanted to bring the monochromatic interior design elements from my home to others. I’m excited to be able to share this collection with everyone.”

Social media promotion


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Kim Kardashian also took to social media to talk about her first official homeware range. She took to an Instagram reel to announce her new collection and said, “I love home design, I love furniture, I love everything about the aesthetic of a home, and I think it says so much about you.” She also said, “The one thing that I feel like really stood out to me is that there wasn’t good home accessories that you could have in your bathroom.”

SKKN details

Talking about the beauty mogul Kim, she launched her skincare brand SKKN in the summer of this year. She also entered the shapewear market in 2019 with the launch of SKIMS and recently unveiled an exclusive collection for people with disabilities. The brand’s first-ever pop-up store was opened in October 2022 last year.