Kim Kardashian opens up about the emotional toll of Kanye West’s actions on their children and her life

Kim Kardashian
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The latest episode of the Kardashians sheds light on Kim Kardashian’s emotional journey as she deals with the repercussions of Kanye West’s erratic behavior on their children and her own life. Throughout the episode, Kim opens up about her efforts to protect her kids from the turmoil while managing her own emotions.

Let’s delve into the key moments and insights from the episode.

Kim’s Overwhelming Situation


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In an emotional conversation with her mother, Kris Jenner, Kim expresses her breaking point, detailing the impact of Kanye’s actions on her and her family. The online attacks and allegations made by Kanye have taken a toll on Kim’s well-being.

Protecting the Children

One of Kim’s primary concerns revolves around safeguarding their four children from the drama surrounding Kanye. She shares her determination to shield them from the negative effects and ensure their well-being.

The Burden of Silence

Despite the intense scrutiny and hurtful remarks, Kim emphasizes her commitment to maintaining her silence for the sake of their children. She believes that her ability to control her reactions will ultimately benefit her kids, allowing them to appreciate her grace and understanding in the future.

The Struggle to Stay Strong

Kim reveals the internal conflict she faces, particularly when it comes to the impact of Kanye’s actions on their children. She highlights moments where she must maintain a positive facade, playing Kanye’s music in the car while concealing her own pain.

The Support System

Throughout the episode, Kris Jenner offers Kim guidance and support, reminding her that she deserves to live a life free from such distress. Kris emphasizes the importance of self-care and encourages Kim to prioritize her own well-being.


Kim Kardashian’s journey in dealing with Kanye West’s behavior serves as a testament to the challenges faced by co-parents during difficult times. The episode highlights Kim’s unwavering dedication to protecting her children and maintaining their emotional well-being, despite the toll it takes on her. Kim’s commitment to silence and her belief in her children’s future understanding demonstrate her strength and resilience in navigating this complex situation.