Kim Kardashian pledges to stay single; Here’s why

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Credits: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Reality TV star and actress Kim Kardashian, 43, has made a candid revelation about her current stance on marriage in the latest episode of ‘The Kardashians.’ Amidst discussions with her hairstylist, Chris Appleton, and his then-fiancé Lukas Gage, Kim expressed uncertainty about the possibility of another marriage, acknowledging her internal struggles on the matter.


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As the topic of marriage arose during her trip to Las Vegas for a wedding, Kim shared her inner conflicts regarding the prospect of tying the knot again. Despite the inquiries about her readiness for another wedding, Kim detailed the ongoing internal struggles, indicating a back-and-forth mindset.

Embracing Singlehood

Kim Kardashian, often in the public eye, has embraced her current state of singlehood. Her hairstylist, Chris Appleton, noted her exceptional well-being, emphasizing her control over various aspects of life, including parenting and business. Kim acknowledged being in a calm place, expressing contentment with her current state of independence.

A Manifest for Future Love

While not actively seeking a partner, Kim has a clear vision of what she desires in a future relationship. She shared a manifest with qualities she seeks, including someone who calms her, drives her wild, maintains privacy, and encourages personal growth. Kim emphasized the evolving nature of her criteria, expressing a commitment to finding a match that aligns with her evolving aspirations.

Despite being a three-time divorcée, Kim Kardashian remains a believer in love. Reflecting on her dating life, she highlighted the excitement of falling in love and the joy it brings. Kim shared her belief in the possibility of love finding its way, expressing optimism about the journey ahead.

Age-Appropriate Dating

Kim Kardashian humorously acknowledged having age limits for potential partners, expressing a preference for individuals in their 40s. She discussed the challenges of dating when surrounded by married friends but emphasized her comfort with being alone for the time being, awaiting the right situation.

Kim’s Journey of Self-Discovery

Kim Kardashian’s openness about her relationship outlook provides a glimpse into her journey of self-discovery and independence. As she navigates the complexities of love and marriage, Kim remains unapologetically true to her evolving desires and aspirations. The unfolding chapters in her life continue to be a source of interest for fans, reflecting the dynamic nature of her personal growth.