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CREDIT: Kim Kardashian

She may be a billionaire, but Kim Kardashian isn’t about to drop off one of her used Birkin bags at the local Goodwill.

The reality TV star put up a gray alligator purse for sale on her site for $70,000—drawing scorn from bargain hunters who were gobsmacked at the price tag, given the description of the item’s flaws. Page Six says Kardashian listed it in “good condition” despite “some discoloration on handles and underside bottom corners, and minor scratching on metal.”

Photos of the bag confirmed that the bag was not in mint condition. “70k for a dirty bag, holy hell!” one less-than-impressed commenter posted on Reddit. Some wondered why she didn’t have it restored by Hermès before trying to offload it. Kardashian, 43, is thought to have more than two dozen Birkins and recently purchased an oversized version priced at $110,000.

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Caption: Kim Kardashian

But fans have questioned Kim’s decision to sell the bag in its current state, noting that while it is described as being in ‘good’ condition, photos of the designer accessory show what one described as “very dirty” markings all over it. “This is so embarrassing,” wrote one fan on Reddit. “Why don’t they get it restored by H (Hermes) before selling it?” Another pointed out that apart from any staining, the bag was damaged elsewhere as well. “The hardware is all scuffed and dull, the edges are worn and slightly frayed, and it’s discolored from makeup/tanner,” they wrote, noting that perhaps Kim did not “restore it or have it stored properly.”

Others noted that the bag, made of rare matte-grey alligator skin, does not come accompanied by a Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, or CITES, certificate, which is often required to import or export certain rare animal hides. “It does say there’s no certification with it,” wrote one.