Kim Kardashian reflects on family divorces and parenthood in latest interview

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Credits: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian, the reality star, entrepreneur, and part of the iconic Kardashian family, recently opened up about the impact of divorces within her family. The candid reflections are part of a cover story for GQ’s 2023 Men of the Year issue, shedding light on how the Kardashian family navigated two divorces: first, between parents Robert Kardashian and Kris Jenner, and later, Kim’s own split from rapper Ye (formerly Kanye West).

Parents’ Divorce: Trauma and Tough Times


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The interview delves into the Kardashian siblings’ experiences during their parents’ divorce in 1991. Kourtney Kardashian recalls overhearing whisper arguments, highlighting the trauma of witnessing their parents’ separation. Kim Kardashian, being the oldest, reflects on the unexpected family meeting where her parents broke the news. The 15 months between the divorce and the O.J. Simpson trial added another layer of difficulty for the family.

Kim’s Divorce from Ye: Seeking Support

The Kardashians star draws parallels between her parent’s divorce and her own separation from Ye, emphasizing the emotional toll. She acknowledges seeking personal therapy during the early stages of her divorce. However, Kim primarily turns to parenting advice, having a therapist specialized in child psychology. Kim’s commitment to providing support and understanding to her three children from her marriage with Ye is a central theme.

Support System and Emotional Authenticity

The SKIMS founder emphasizes the importance of her support system, describing her friends as the “Mega Ball of friends.” While managing stress well, she acknowledges allowing herself to feel emotions authentically. Kim underscores the significance of open communication with her children, drawing inspiration from how her parents handled their divorce. The key, according to Kim, is ensuring that children feel loved, heard, and supported through challenging times.

As Kim Kardashian reflects on family dynamics and personal experiences, her openness aims to resonate with others navigating similar emotional journeys. The GQ cover story provides a glimpse into the reality star’s life beyond the public persona, exploring the complexities of relationships, divorce, and parenting.