Kim Kardashian reveals how she got together with beau Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian
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If there is one couple that has been grabbing headlines of late, it is obviously Kim Kardashian and her beau Pete Davidson. The lovely couple is giving serious relationship goals by painting the town red. By attending events together to supporting each other during court proceedings, Kim and Pete scream love! Recently, in one of the episodes of The Kardashians, the reality star finally revealed how she and her beau got together.

Kim on her relationship


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Kim Kardashian, 41, says she kept quiet about their growing relationship in case things did not work out among them. She stated that she wanted to make things sure while further saying that she is happy to have met someone and is currently having fun. Kardashian hilariously says that she would have been an idiot if they weren’t together months after the beginning of their relationship.

What happened in SNL?


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Kim Kardashian revealed that she felt a spark after sharing a brief kiss with Davidson, 28, during her SNL hosting debut that happened in October. She further said that it was like a vibe when their lips met. It also reportedly inspired her to be something different. However, Kim Kardashian revealed yet another fact that is sure to shock many. The reality mogul stated that Pete Davidson does not attend her after parties. Kim goes on to reveal that she asked for Pete’s number from an SNL producer after a few days. She also stated that she was the first one to text him!

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

So yes! Kim and Pete are officially a couple now and they even made their red carpet debut at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Kim Kardashian has also revealed that Pete Davidson is the best human being she has ever met.

About Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson is the former host of Saturday Night Live. He recently made an official exit from Saturday Night Live after the season 47 finale. It was at the age of 20 that he debuted on Saturday Night Live back in the year 2015. Since then, the comedian has been recognized as a notable television and film performer.

Things haven’t gone well for Pete Davidson off late, especially during his time on Saturday Night Live. The comedian has been embroiled in multiple conflicts over the past years and has received backlash from the people of the Catholic Church and Congressman Dan Crenshaw for whatever he did on the program. Moreover, the behind-the-scenes conduct has further fuelled Davidson’s bad boy image. It has also led to constant discussions about his status as an SNL performer. If media reports are to be believed, Davidson and SNL reached an agreement about his future as one of the cast members.