Kim Kardashian reveals why she started consuming alcohol and caffeine again

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

Reality mogul Kim Kardashian has recently admitted that she has started consuming alcoholic beverages, along with coffee. According to a report by People, The Kardashians celebrity further revealed this to Gwyneth Paltrow on her latest Goop podcast. The SKIMS founder further said, “I started to drink a little bit at the age of 42. Coffee and alcohol,” She added, “I feel like I just gotta let loose a little bit.”

The celebrity who is known for being a health enthusiast had reportedly vowed never to drink because she hates the taste of it.

Kim’s revelation

Here is what Kim Kardashian said about her latest addiction, “Cause why not, you know? I just feel like I work a lot and I focus… all day after school then it’s like product meetings and testing things and packaging meetings and everything for SKKN.” Kim replied on being asked why she started drinking now. She continued telling the podcast host, “I just don’t ever feel comfortable just laying around doing nothing. So, my version of that has been to spend some time with my friends and have a drink and stay out a little bit later, when I probably wouldn’t have done that before.”

The favorite beverage

The reality mogul further spoke about her new favorite beverage and said, “It only needs to be a tiny shot of tequila and pineapple. I’ve had two shots and feel great. It was enjoyable.”

According to People, a source close to Kim Kardashian stated back in 2018 that she never drinks. The source further said, “She drinks here and there, but mostly abstains. She may have a glass of champagne on a holiday or for someone’s birthday, but it’s rare.”

Earlier news

Kim Kardashian recently celebrated Christmas happily with her family. Now, the latest reports state that the SKIMS founder and millionaire took her kids out on a fun trip to the most famous Universal Studios. The reality mogul was accompanied by her friend Tracy Romulus in the much-loved theme park. The mom of four was dressed in all-black attire and flaunted her long wavy black tresses and sunglasses.

Talking about the Kardashian kids, they were flanked by VIP tour guides and bodyguards. There is no denying that the family had a quality time at the theme park and glimpses of the same have become viral on social media.