Kim Kardashian suffers wardrobe malfunction; Here’s how she handled it

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

In a preview of an upcoming episode of Hulu’s reality show “The Kardashians,” Kim Kardashian experienced an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. The SKIMS founder was seen wearing a latex bralette and matching pants when she suddenly realized that her pants had ripped.

In a confessional moment caught on camera, Kim exclaimed, “My whole butt is out.” She also expressed her shock and discomfort as she realized that her pants were split in multiple areas, exclaiming that it hurt her badly.

Timing of the Incident

The wardrobe malfunction occurred just moments before Kim Kardashian was scheduled to speak at the iConnections’ Global Alts Conference in Miami. This awkward situation unfolded in February, leaving Kim feeling extremely self-conscious. To address the situation, the reality mogul swiftly found a solution. By the time she took the stage, she had donned a long blazer that covered her exposed areas!

Additional Revelations on the Show

The episode of “The Kardashians” also featured other revelations from Kim Kardashian, including a humorous anecdote from her teenage years. The reality star and her sister Kourtney Kardashian admitted to frequently calling a sex hotline for fun when they were teenagers. Younger sister Khloé disclosed this secret while the sisters visited the Century City Mall, a regular hangout for them.

The Polaroid Prank

The sisters even shared that they had a book of Polaroid photos of the men they had prank-called and stood up at the mall. In the episode, the Kardashian sisters called the hotline once again, with Kourtney knowing the number “by heart.” Kim pretended to be a woman named Samantha before hanging up on an unsuspecting man named Chris.