Kim Kardashian to star in Hulu’s new scripted series under Ryan Murphy’s production

Kim Kardashian
Photo: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian is set to headline a new scripted series on Hulu, developed under the production of Ryan Murphy. The project is described as a high-end, glossy, and s*xy adult procedural, adding a scripted venture to Kardashian’s career. This collaboration marks the first series for Murphy under his new deal at Disney, with 20th Television producing.

Plot and Concept

The scripted series features Kim Kardashian playing the role of Los Angeles’ most successful divorce lawyer and owner of an all-female law firm. The legal drama promises a high-end, glamorous, and sexy take on adult procedural storytelling. The concept was pitched to Kardashian and her manager, Kris Jenner, who both committed to the project. The series has found a home at Hulu, which secured a significant series commitment, indicating the platform’s confidence in the project’s success.

Collaboration with Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy, known for his creative and successful projects, joins forces with Kardashian and Jenner for this scripted series. The trio successfully sold the project to Hulu, leveraging the success of both “The Kardashians” and “AHS: Delicate” on the streaming platform.

Production and Premiere Details

While specific details are still being negotiated, preliminary casting for the series has begun. The project aims for an early 2025 premiere, with production set to commence in late 2024. The series will delve into Kardashian’s character as a divorce lawyer, a role not entirely unfamiliar to her as she is on a path to becoming a lawyer in real life, currently studying for the bar exam.

Kardashian’s Acting Journey

Kim Kardashian’s foray into acting gained significant attention with her performance in “AHS: Delicate.” Following her breakthrough, she became a sought-after actress, securing her first feature starring vehicle, “The Fifth Wheel,” which recently sold to Netflix. Her success in acting positions her well for the upcoming scripted series under Murphy’s production.

This project is part of Ryan Murphy’s new deal at Disney, expanding his creative endeavors beyond his previous successes at 20th Television. Murphy, known for helping talent cross over to acting, has a track record of launching successful series. The collaboration with Kardashian adds a new dimension to his portfolio.

Kim Kardashian’s Multifaceted Career

Kim Kardashian, with her massive social media influence and successful business ventures, ventures into the scripted series realm. Her previous acting credits include a multi-episode arc on “Drop Dead Diva” and a hosting stint on “Saturday Night Live.” The scripted series at Hulu adds another layer to her multifaceted career.

Success of “The Kardashians” on Hulu

“The Kardashians” debuted on Hulu in 2022, marking a significant series premiere for the platform. Its success continues, with multiple seasons released to date. The scripted series with Kardashian under Murphy’s production is expected to generate considerable attention and viewership.

Scripted Producing Debut for Kris Jenner

For Kris Jenner, the scripted series venture marks her producing debut in the scripted realm. While she has been the executive producer for various reality series featuring her family, this project introduces her to the scripted producing landscape.

Kim Kardashian’s collaboration with Ryan Murphy on a scripted series for Hulu represents a significant development in her acting career. The series, set to explore the legal drama genre, adds a new dimension to Kardashian’s evolving career trajectory, and with Hulu’s commitment, it is poised to make a splash upon its premiere in 2025.