Kim Kardashian uses daughter North West’s braid as a jump rope

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

North West, the 10-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, is no stranger to making a fashion statement. In a recent TikTok video shared by her famous mom, North showcased a daring and imaginative new hairstyle that perfectly encapsulates her youthful spirit and creative flair.

The Astonishing Stunt

The video, filmed during their vacation in Japan, stars North with her hair braided into two astonishingly long and floor-length braids. What sets this look apart is not just the length of her braids but how she and a friend ingeniously turned one of the braids into an impromptu jump rope. The playful caption, “When your hair could be used as a jump rope,” conjures images of fairy tales, and the accompanying text, “Rapunzel Rapunzel jump through my hair,” adds a touch of enchantment.


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Championing Individuality

North West’s fearless embrace of her unique style is showcased further in an Instagram Reel where she confidently strides through a Japanese room adorned in a navy kimono adorned with pink floral accents. Her striking pink and black braids gracefully trail behind her, evoking an image that is both bold and picturesque.

Fan Responses: A Mix of Concern and Admiration

As with any unconventional fashion choice, reactions among fans have been varied. While some express concerns about practicality and potential tripping hazards, others celebrate North’s youthful exuberance and her ability to fearlessly express herself through her appearance. Amidst the diverse comments, one thing is clear: North West’s fashion choices evoke strong feelings and conversations, embodying the essence of personal style.

A Glimpse into North’s Creative Expression

Managed by her mother, North’s TikTok presence offers a window into her world of creativity and experimentation. Beyond her adventurous hairstyles, she showcases a variety of interests and playful moments. Her penchant for exploring her identity and self-expression at such a young age bodes well for a future that promises even more boundary-pushing fashion and personal statements.