Kim Kardashian wins legal quiz against Hilary Clinton

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

The internet was left divided when Hilary Clinton recently took a legal knowledge quiz against the reality mogul Kim Kardashian. What was more surprising was that she lost the quiz! We get to see the same in Chelsea and Hilary Clinton’s new documentary series titled Gutsy. Talking about the former secretary of state, she was previously a practicing lawyer and also a law firm partner who went head-to-head against Kim Kardashian in the contest, who, ironically, is also a law student.

The quiz contest

Talking about the recent head-on contest, Hilary said in the episode preview, “I think Kim has an unfair advantage.” When Chelsea, aka the quizmaster, heard the same, here is what she reasoned, “Kim has studied more recently than you.” What followed was a rigorous list of questions that included variability between robbery and extortion, deadly forces, and more. The result was that Kim Kardashian won with a huge majority of 11-4 against Hilary Clinton, who also happens to be a noted political figure. Coming back to Chelsea Clinton, she also gave her thoughts regarding the quiz and Hilary’s loss, “Oh, it was heartbreaking!”

Kim Kardashian’s details

Talking about Kim Kardashian, the beauty mogul also opened up about her win in the episode and said, “My kids were there every time I opened my results, and so they’d see me cry. And the last time, they saw me cry the best tears of happiness that I did it.” Later, Clinton praised the Kardashians 2 star for her hard work and said, “She worked so hard (on the bar) and persevered.”

Chelsea’s support for Kim

Chelsea Clinton showed support for Kim Kardashian’s cause for prison reforms and said, “She’s very self-aware that her celebrity can make a difference positively, and where it may make a negative difference. She never wants to make a negative difference, so being judicious and thoughtful about when and where and how she engages was really impressive to us. I want, even beyond this series, to do whatever I can to help her in that work.”