Kim Kardashian’s feud with Kourtney in ‘The Kardashians;’ Will it end?

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

The highly anticipated Season 4 of “The Kardashians” premiered on Hulu with an explosive start, rekindling the drama and tensions that have made the Kardashian-Jenner family a household name. The latest season picked up where Season 3 left off, with Kourtney and Kim Kardashian resolving their feud, which had been reignited during Kourtney’s lavish Italian wedding in May 2022.

A Clash Over a ’90s-Inspired Collection

The fiery dispute between the sisters was triggered when Kim launched a ’90s-inspired collection in collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana shortly after Kourtney’s wedding. Kourtney accused the SKIMS founder of copying her wedding style for her business opportunity, causing a rift that led to weeks of scathing exchanges. Kim labeled Kourtney as “jealous” and a “hater,” while the latter felt unsupported by her sister on her special day.

Eventually, the sisters reconciled and ended the feud. Kim acknowledged the distance that had grown between them, particularly after their physical altercation in 2020, which occurred when Kourtney decided to prioritize her three children over filming. However, it turns out that their reconciliation didn’t hold for long. As Season 3 aired, the sisters watched the feud unfold on television, reigniting the discord between them. Kourtney expressed how challenging it was to watch their feud play out in the editing process, and the tension escalated. In a heated phone call, three days before a family trip to Cabo, Kourtney and the SKIMS founder confronted their issues once again.

Kim’s Frustration and Kourtney’s Resentment

During the conversation, Kim admitted to getting “worked up” while watching the episodes back and mentioned that she saw both sides of the feud. Kourtney, however, claimed that the episodes made her not want to be around. Kim suggested they have a conversation about it, expressing her frustration that she felt like “nothing happened at the wedding.”

Clashing Perspectives on the Wedding

Kourtney accused Kim of seeing something that was hers and making it bigger, suggesting that Kim wanted the spotlight to be on her. Kim countered that the ’90s theme wasn’t entirely original, as it’s a popular concept. Kourtney argued that Kim couldn’t stand someone else being the center of attention. Their argument escalated, with Kim asking Kourtney why she felt so negatively towards her and accusing her of having a vendetta. Kourtney revealed that she didn’t need her family anymore and that her happiness came when she distanced herself from them.

Allegations of Backstabbing

Kim went a step further, alleging that all of Kourtney’s closest friends secretly talked negatively about her behind her back. Kourtney, feeling hurt, broke down into tears, claiming that everyone was against her. The call ended abruptly. In a joint confessional, the sisters reflected on the intense phone call and admitted that they reached a point they weren’t proud of. Kourtney described Kim as using any weapon to hurt her, and Kim acknowledged that she could be self-centered.

Kourtney, in a separate confessional, shared that the phone conversation was really hurtful and reminded her of the family’s tendency to say mean things to hurt each other, a characteristic she’s working on changing in therapy. The drama continues to unfold in the latest season of “The Kardashians,” offering viewers a raw and unfiltered look into the complexities of family relationships and the challenges they face.