Kim Kardashian’s kids display independence in latest episode of ‘The Kardashians’

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

In a recent episode of “The Kardashians,” Kim Kardashian’s children are showcased as they embrace their independence and have fun without their mother. The episode highlights how her son, Saint, and daughter, North, are quite self-sufficient when she’s not around.

Kim FaceTimes her kids while she’s away in Milan, only to find that they’re doing just fine without her. Saint, 7, chats with her about his outing with someone named Tristan. They went to the Nike store, and Saint proudly showed his purchase to his mom. He seems perfectly content, leaving Kim amused and surprised by how well he’s handling things without her.


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North’s Hot Chocolate Stand and Sage-Burning

Next, Kim tries to connect with North, who appears to be running a hot chocolate stand while burning sage in the house. She asks about the hot chocolate stand and is intrigued by the burning sage. The humorous conversation ends with North insisting that someone needs to leave her house, all while waving the sage in front of the camera. Kim’s attempt at conversation is short-lived as North swiftly ends the call, leaving her mom a bit baffled.

Kim humorously reflects, “All my kids hang up on me,” revealing how her kids seem to be enjoying their time and autonomy while she’s away. In a confessional, Kim shares, “I mean, my kids couldn’t care less that I’m gone. They’re having the time of their life and have completely taken over my house like they run it.”

Kim’s Embrace of Motherhood and Individuality

In an interview, Kim speaks about her journey of motherhood and how she values and nurtures the individuality of each of her children. She cherishes the unique experiences she has with her kids and their distinctive personalities. She acknowledges the challenges and rewards of motherhood, emphasizing how quickly time passes and how she treasures every moment with her children, from the morning madness to bedtime stories.

Kim is proud of her kids, saying, “Each one of my babies is so different, and I love that and try to nurture that.” She discusses how she has been traveling with each of her children separately to provide them with one-on-one time to explore different cultures and indulge in activities they’re passionate about. Kim’s goal is to support her children in being their true selves and embracing their individuality.