Kim Kardashian’s lingerie line brings daring twist on fashion

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

Kim Kardashian’s lingerie range is set to introduce a new bra with a “daring” raised nipple detail, and it’s not coincidental that it’s being launched on Halloween.

While the marketing slogan states, “No matter how hot it is, you will always look cold,” the true intention behind the design might not be to appear “cold” but rather “perky”, as stated by The Guardian.

The Skims Perky Bra


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The Skims perky bra offers wearers the opportunity to exude a perpetual state of arousal, effectively transforming the mundane into the sensual. Even in the midst of a routine day focused on tasks like playing Wordle and tackling a to-do list, this lingerie invites you to sprinkle an unexpected erotic charge on everything. The question lingers: would this make your day better or perhaps worse? It’s a tantalizing shift from the ordinary, to say the least.

The Evolution of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has had her fair share of controversies and discussions throughout her career. In the era of what some termed the “butt years,” she faced criticisms, primarily for not signing up for the beliefs and agendas projected onto her. Her 2010 appearance on the cover of Romanian Playboy with the headline “Poezia Unui Fund Bombat” (the poetry of a bulging ass) stirred conversations about body image and expectations. Yet, the words attributed to her were unlikely to be her own, and she likely didn’t proclaim the poetry of any body part.

From Butt Expectations to Lingerie Innovation

Initially celebrated for challenging conventional notions of what a bottom should look like, she later encountered backlash, with Time magazine stating, “Kim Kardashian’s ass is nothing but an empty promise.” This perspective might align if one believed its promise was to dismantle the patriarchy. The curious notion arises: what would an ass delivering on a promise entail? Contemplating the socio-cultural implications of any celebrity’s posterior may lead to disappointment, raising the question of whether such matters are best explored individually.

Kim Kardashian’s Clothing 

Amidst the narrative of her prominent bottom, the establishment of a shapewear empire, and the introduction of the new nipple-focused bra, Kim Kardashian’s true fashion purpose appears to be creating attire that makes you seem more naked than if you were actually unclothed. It’s a reinvention of situationism where beneath the facade lies the allure of the beach, and atop the nipple emerges the perkier nipple. Kim’s fashion philosophy challenges conventional norms, teasing the boundaries of what’s considered daring and enticing.