Kim Kardashian’s sister Kourtney calls her a “narcissist”

Kim Kardashian
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The never-ending drama between Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian Barker has taken another explosive turn, with their latest feud revolving around Kourtney’s extravagant Dolce & Gabbana-themed Italian wedding. This ongoing battle has left fans of “The Kardashians” and “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” on the edge of their seats, wondering if this feud will ever come to an end.

Kim and Kourtney’s relationship has been a tumultuous one, often marred by disagreements and clashes. While they have managed to patch things up after previous fights, recent events have deepened the divide between the two sisters.

The Dolce & Gabbana Wedding Drama

The crux of their most recent feud centers on Kourtney’s wedding to Travis Barker. Kourtney accused Kim of copying her Dolce aesthetic and using it for a business campaign, while Kim fired back by alleging that Kourtney copied her Italian wedding. The dispute over who copied whom has escalated to new heights. In the first episode of “The Kardashians” season 4, Kim and Kourtney’s feud reached a boiling point during a brutal and emotional phone call. During the call, Kim reached out to Kourtney, inviting her to a Dolce event for her collection. However, Kourtney, while supportive, declined, citing her reluctance to be around Kim and the family.

The conversation quickly turned into a heated exchange, with Kim criticizing Kourtney’s wedding aesthetic and Kourtney accusing her of being “egotistical,” “narcissistic,” and jealous.

Accusations and Clashes

Kourtney expressed her belief that Kim coveted her wedding theme and made it her own. Kim vehemently denied this, stating that she did not like Kourtney’s wedding look and did everything to distance herself from it. Their argument escalated, with Kourtney accusing Kim of being obsessed with fashion choices while missing the bigger picture. Kim countered by saying Kourtney couldn’t stand someone else being the center of attention at her own wedding.

Deep-Seated Resentment

The feud took a personal turn when Kourtney urged Kim to “dig deep” and understand why she felt this way. Kim fired back, accusing Kourtney of hating her and labeling her a narcissist. Kourtney, in turn, accused Kim of making everything about herself and how it appears to the world. The SKIMS founder dropped a bombshell by revealing that Kourtney’s kids often come to her with “problems that they have” about their own mother. This revelation left Kourtney in tears and further fueled the feud.

In a confessional interview, Kourtney accused Kim of “weaponizing” everyone in her life to hurt her, comparing it to a family trait of saying hurtful things to each other. The feud has left fans wondering if these sisters will ever find common ground and mend their fractured relationship. As the drama unfolds in “The Kardashians” season 4, viewers can’t help but be drawn into the chaos and conflict that has become a hallmark of the Kardashian family.