Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS bodysuit saves woman’s life; Here’s how

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

In a TikTok video posted by Angelina Wiley, a woman who survived being shot four times, she credits the SKIMS bodysuit she was wearing for applying enough pressure to her wounds to potentially save her life. Wiley expresses her gratitude to Kim Kardashian, the owner, and founder of the shapewear company, for creating a product that acted as “armor for women” in her time of need.

The Remarkable Story: Surviving a Traumatic Incident

Angelina Wiley recounts the events of New Year’s Eve when she was shot in Kansas City, Missouri. Standing near a food truck, she became an unintended victim when a man outside a car began shooting. Wiley suffered multiple injuries, including a ruptured bladder and cracked pelvis. Amidst the chaos, she attributes the tightness of the SKIMS seamless sculpt thong bodysuit, priced at $68, to potentially preventing further blood loss.

Recognition and Reactions

Kim Kardashian and TikTok Fame Wiley’s TikTok video gained significant attention, amassing over 1.4 million views and capturing the interest of Kim Kardashian herself. Kardashian shared the video on her Instagram story with a caption expressing surprise and admiration. The unexpected endorsement from Wiley, combined with Kardashian’s recognition, has brought further attention to the SKIMS brand.

Medical Insights: Compression’s Role in Managing Gunshot Wounds

Medical professionals, such as Dr. Richard Doyle, have weighed in on the potential benefits of compression provided by the SKIMS bodysuit. While initial management of gunshot wounds involves controlling bleeding, the pressure applied by the tight garment could have potentially slowed bleeding and allowed for a safer transfer to medical treatment.

The Impact and Aftermath: SKIMS as Body Armor for Women

The story of Angelina Wiley’s experience has sparked discussions about the unexpected protective qualities of shapewear. Wiley herself refers to the SKIMS bodysuit as “body armor for women” and expresses her intention to purchase more. The incident highlights the influence of clothing choices in unexpected situations and the emotional significance attached to feeling protected.