Kim Woo Bin, Bae Suzy kick off script reading for ‘All the Love You Wish For’

All The Love You Wish For
Credit: Netflix

Seven years after delivering their 2016 hit romance drama, Uncontrollably Fond, Kim Woo Bin, and Bae Suzy reunite for their next project, a romance fantasy, All the Love You Wished For, which is confirmed to be released on Netflix.

In fact, the streamer shared snippets of the two along with some of the cast members who seemed to be deeply immersed in their script-reading. The anticipation radar is gleaming at the moment given the incredible crew that is behind the project, which includes Lee Byeong Heon as the director, and Kim Eun Soo as the writer.

Check out the pictures uploaded by Netflix below, which are captioned, “All-star cast + legendary screenwriter = wish come true. Conflict over three wishes arises between a genie who awakens after a thousand years and his new impassive master Ka-young in the romantic comedy ‘All the Love You Wish For.”


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Kim Woo Bin’s versatile form of acting has carried several K-dramas and has garnered millions of loyal followers. His prominent roles include the romantic drama Our Blues, and The Heirs, both extremely popular among K-drama fans. Bae Suzy’s career in the Korean industry commenced with her being in a popular music girl group Miss A, which featured in 2010, and then stepped up her acting game with commendable K-dramas like Doona! and While You Were Sleeping. Joining the dynamic duo are Ahn Eun Jin, Noh Sang Hyun, Lee Yoo Young, and Go Kyu Pil. A stellar cast indeed.

All the Love You Wish For is a rom-com that centers around the story of a genie ironically named Jinn, who is awakened from his 1000-year-long slumber and is now a slave to his new master Ka-young. The narrative will follow the old tale of three wishes, and surrounding this obvious plot, the story will include feelings, betrayal, and yearning amidst the leading characters. It is an interesting twist to a classic tale of the genie and its master. Here, Bin plays an emotionally fluctuating genie who gets his feelings hurt easily, and Suzy is set to play Ka-young, an emotionless master. Sounds promising?

All The Love You Wish For KIM
Credit: Netflix

As for Hospital Playlist‘s Ahn Eun Jin, she will portray the character of Mi Joo, a mysterious woman who lives with Ga Young. Jin has recently been nominated for the Best Actress award for her role as Yoo Gil Chae in My Dearest. Noh Sang Hyun(known for his role in Disney+’s “Pachinko,” will be playing Soo Hyun, a handsome building owner.

All the Love You Wish For might just be the rom-com K-drama fans are missing out on and is set to emotionally quench the die-hard romantics. As for the release date, the streamer has yet to announce a definitive date, so stay tuned for more updates on the most-anticipated series release.