Kindred Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

Kindred Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?
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Will there be another season of this science fiction television series or not? Continue reading to find out.

All the viewers who tuned in to watch the show are now wondering if this is the last time they will watch it or if the network will renew it for additional seasons. If you recall, the first season concluded on December 13, 2022, and had a plot that deserves to be explored and captured the interest of viewers who want to watch more of these unique themes and overarching storylines.

As a result, it is reasonable to inquire about the show’s plans for the future. If you were looking forward to knowing more about the next chapter of Kindred, then you have reached the right place, as we have listed all the crucial and latest information at Web News Observer!

Here is everything we know about Kindred’s status with the FX network.

Kindred Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

Kindred Season 2: What we know so far about the cancellation

According to recent reports, the FX network has officially confirmed that Kindred Season 2 is canceled. The announcement comes nearly a month and a half after the first season’s eight episodes were released last year on December 13, 2022. 

The news of cancellation after one season is surprising as the overall reception of the season has been favorable. On the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, 63% of 27 critic reviews are positive, with an average rating of 6.7/10. The website’s critics’ consensus reads, “Mallori Johnson acquits herself impressively in a difficult role, but the rest of this ambitious adaptation of Octavia E. Butler’s seminal novel is less successful in pulling off its tricky tonal balance.” 

On the other hand, according to Metacritic, the limited series received a score of 62 based on reviews from 18 critics, indicating “generally favorable reviews.” It has been noted that, despite mostly positive reviews, Kindred has yet to generate the global buzz that fellow new 2022 FX scripted series The Bear did. It is also surprising that the move was done so early, as FX is usually known for carefully curating its slate and taking time to develop projects, sometimes redoing a pilot, and most of its shows sticking around for a while.

Take a look at some of the fan’s reactions to the sudden cancellation of the show:

Kindred: What was the show about?

Adapted from the celebrated novel Kindred, by Hugo Award-winner Octavia E. Butler, the FX series centers on “Dana James” (Mallori Johnson), a young Black woman and aspiring writer who has uprooted her life of familial obligation and relocated to Los Angeles, ready to claim a future that, for once, feels all her own. But, before she can settle into her new home, she finds herself being violently pulled back and forth in time. She emerges at a nineteenth-century plantation, a place remarkably and intimately linked with Dana and her family. Interracial romance threads through Dana’s past and present, and the clock is ticking as she struggles to confront secrets she never knew ran through her blood, in this genre-breaking exploration of the ties that bind.

Take a look at the official episode guide below to find out what happened in Kindred Season 1: 

Episode 1: Dana: Dana comes to town expecting a warm welcome from the family, but she’s met with the opposite; some comfort arrives in the form of a new friend.

Episode 2: Sabina: A nosy neighbor puts the wrong kind of spotlight on Dana before a nasty fall triggers a trip back to the past; Kevin gains firsthand experience of Dana’s troubles as the pair are forced to play uncomfortable roles in order to stay out of harm’s way.

Episode 3: Furniture: Dana and Olivia search for the answer to what keeps bringing Dana back to the past; Kevin acts as the gracious partygoer at the behest of his hosts.

Episode 4: The Waiter From Two Nights Ago: Back in Los Angeles, Dana and Kevin prepare to return to the past but have to deal with the familiar fallout of their travels.

Episode 5: Winnie: Dana and Kevin find themselves back on the farm; a confrontation with Olivia makes Dana reevaluate her purpose; Kevin must find a way to explain his mysterious return to the Weylin family.

Episode 6: Celeste: The enslaved population faces unforeseen consequences from Dana’s well-meaning actions; Margaret’s search for Rufus’s future wife finds Kevin drawn deeper into the family drama.

Episode 7: Jane: Tom takes Kevin and Rufus on a trip to town; without Kevin’s protection on the plantation, Dana struggles with a vengeful Margaret.

Episode 8: Alice: Dana finds herself in a dire situation; Kevin chases a runaway slave; Tom seeks to restate order on his plantation.

Kindred Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

The main cast members of the series include Mallori Johnson as “Dana James,” Micah Stock as “Kevin Franklin,” Ryan Kwanten as “Thomas Weylin,” Gayle Rankin as “Margaret Weylin,” Austin Smith as “Luke,” David Alexander Kaplan as “Rufus Weylin,” Sophina Brown as “Sarah” and Sheria Irving as “Olivia.” The story has been taken from, “Kindred,” Octavia E. Butler’s celebrated and critically acclaimed novel, and has been adapted for television by writer and showrunner Branden Jacobs-Jenkins who executive produces the series with Joe Weisberg, Joel Fields, Darren Aronofsky, and Ari Handel of Protozoa Pictures, Courtney Lee-Mitchell, and Jules Jackson. Janicza Bravo directed and served as an executive producer on the pilot. The eight-episode season is produced by FX Productions.

Kindred is an FX original premiering exclusively on Hulu with all eight episodes of the limited series available to stream on the streaming platform. Hulu offers various subscriptions, including an ad-supported plan for $7.99 per month and an ad-free plan for $14.99 per month. The viewers can buy a subscription plan according to their preferences, which allows viewers to watch new series and movies based on location when they air worldwide. In the meantime check out the official trailer of the first season to recap all these events. 

Kindred | Official Trailer | FX

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