Know Why BLACKPINK’s Jennie Called Out Her BFF Shin Hyun Ji

Credit: Instagram

BLACKPINK’s Jennie and model Shin Hyun Ji share an incredible bond as best friends, often spending time together whenever their schedules align. Recently, Shin Hyun Ji appeared on a talk show and performed the choreography to BLACKPINK’s iconic song “Pink Venom.”

Although her dance moves didn’t quite match the level of power anticipated, she gave it her all and brought laughter to the viewers. In response, Jennie took to Instagram, playfully calling out her bestie for her dancing skills. Her post humorously read, “I told you not to dance to the ‘Straight to ya dome’ part. Wait a sec… see you at my house…” This interaction between the two friends has left fans in stitches and further highlighted their close bond.

The Hilarious Dance Performance on Radio Star

Shin Hyun Ji’s dance performance on the talk shows Radio Star stole the spotlight in the studio. While her moves may not have been as powerful as expected, she put in her best effort to deliver an entertaining performance. Her dance routine brought laughter to the viewers and showcased her playful side. Jennie, seizing the opportunity, took to social media to good-naturedly tease her best friend, creating a humorous exchange that fans couldn’t help but enjoy and share their thoughts about.

How They First Met: A Chance Encounter

Shin Hyun Ji shared the story of how she first met Jennie during a recent episode of Radio Star. Surprisingly, it was Jennie who initiated contact by sending a direct message to Shin Hyun Ji. Their paths crossed in front of the elevators during a brand fitting, where they exchanged a simple goodbye. However, Shin Hyun Ji left a lasting impression on Jennie. The following day, Jennie messaged Shin Hyun Ji, saying, “See you tomorrow Unnie,” but the model corrected her, as they are actually the same age. This initial encounter sparked their connection, and they even visited Disneyland together the very next day.

The Rapid Blossoming of Their Friendship

Jennie and Shin Hyun Ji quickly developed a strong bond as their friendship blossomed. Shin Hyun Ji felt a sense of ease with Jennie, especially since she didn’t have many friends born in 1996 around her. Their shared experiences and common interests brought them closer together, resulting in a deep and meaningful friendship. Over time, they have become inseparable, showcasing their genuine support and affection for one another. Their heartwarming friendship continues to captivate fans and serve as an example of true camaraderie.