Korean cooler recipes to beat the heat this summer

Summer coolers
Credit: Pexels.com

The summer is already at its peak and you must be feeling the heatwave rushing through your veins! Jokes apart, the winter season is officially over in India and the summer season has made its entry into the country. So, if you are staying in a region where the temperature is soaring high, it’s time to beat the heat by using something fresh and refreshing drinks.

Let’s get away from the usual juices, milkshakes, and lemonades that you usually have during summers. This time, we will be trying out some really amazing and refreshing Korean summer cooler recipes.

Check out the following must-try fruity summer coolers all the way from Korea.

korean cooler recipes

  1. Colour change slushie or galaxy lemonade

It’s time to dethrone the classic old lemonade with a glass of fresh color change slushie or galaxy lemonade. The reason why it beats the classic unbeatable beverage is the tropical fruit flavors. This color-layered drink is full of multiple flavors that give it an additional twist. You can use it as a summer cooler or simply serve it to the guests during your weekend parties. You can also make it a delicious cocktail by lacing it with liquor.

  1. Korean watermelon punch or Subak Hwachae

Do you know what they call a fruit punch in Korea? It is nothing but Hwachae, the name that we mentioned in the headline. This non-alcoholic drink is made during the warm weather and people use seasonal fruits to make the same. It is also spiked with edible flower petals laced with honey. This is one of the most popular drinks in Korea for obvious reasons. Some people use honey or berry juice while others use condensed milk to lend the drink its sweetness. People in South Korea also use carbonated drinks or soda to add a fruity twist to the punch.

  1. Korean cinnamon punch or Sujeonggwa

This is another savior drink that is native to Korea. They call it sujeonggwa but you can simply call it Korean cinnamon punch. This conventional drink is a reddish-brown hue in color and is mostly laced with ginger and dried persimmons. Some people also use pine nuts to garnish this exciting drink that is slowly brewed by boiling ginger and cinnamon.

korean cooler recipes

  1. Korean rice punch or Sikhye

Ever heard of a drink made with rice? Yes, you can find one in Korea. It is an age-old recipe and a traditional drink that is ideally consumed after having completed meals. It also makes for a perfect dessert substitute during the sweltering hot season.

So, here are some exciting summer cooler recipes all the way from Korea that you must try at least once this summer. Not only do they make for refreshing drinks but also enliven your taste buds like no other!

So, instead of going for your usual lemonades or other cold drinks, try opting for one of the Korean summer cooler recipes and impress your family members, guests, and friends like no other! The best part about these drinks is that they are easy to make, and they won’t burn a hole in your pocket.