Kourtney Kardashian confirms she and Travis Barker conceived baby naturally after IVF battle

Kourtney Kardashian Travis Baker
Credits: Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

In a cover story for Vanity Fair Italia, Kourtney Kardashian, who is seven months pregnant, shared that she and Travis Barker conceived their baby naturally after unsuccessful attempts with IVF. During her conversation with the publication, she also mentioned that she wasn’t ready for the fear that came with needing surgery, especially considering her three previous pregnancies had been “really easy.”

Kourtney calls the pregnancy ‘God’s Plan’

Kourtney shared a photo of herself on the latest cover of Vanity Fair Italy, proudly displaying her baby bump. In the caption, she revealed, “After two years of trying, she became pregnant naturally at 44 years old. And to those who criticize pregnancy at her age, Kourtney Kardashian Barker replies, ‘Those comments don’t affect me. I just say: how could you question God’s plan? Because that’s how I see this pregnancy, which came when both Travis and I weren’t even thinking about it anymore and a year after we stopped IVF.'”

Kourtney and Travis’ IVF journey

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker explored in vitro fertilization before their 2022 wedding but felt it wasn’t right for them. “My intuition was telling me that it wasn’t suitable for me — I don’t even take medicine, imagine — that it was working against my body rather than for it,” she said, as per PageSix. “I knew deep down that it wasn’t the right thing.”

In May, the couple declared they were “officially done” with IVF during an episode of ‘The Kardashians.’ Kourtney shared that once they stopped trying to force the process, things naturally fell into place, leading to their pregnancy announcement at a June concert.

A group of doctors advised the couple to avoid sex, workouts, Pilates, caffeine, and plane trips. Initially, Kourtney had fears due to these precautions, but over time, she learned to let go of them.

Kourtney and Travis might name their son ‘Rocky’

Kardashian’s worries persisted until she went through a “terrifying” emergency fetal surgery in September via Instagram. “Right after the surgery, I reached the point where I let myself go and I stopped worrying,” she said. “Now I talk to the baby every day, have a positive mindset, keep my head straight, and say a lot of prayers.”

Kardashian and the rocker “haven’t yet talked about whether and how much to show the baby.” However, they’ve subtly hinted at the possibility of naming their child Rocky.