Kylie Jenner introduces new member in the family

Kylie Jenner
Credits: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner, the Kardashians star and beauty mogul, recently introduced her followers to the latest addition to her fur family – a brown spotted dachshund named “Moo Pants.” The 26-year-old shared adorable glimpses of the energetic pup through TikTok and Instagram Stories, showcasing some endearing moments.

In a TikTok video, Jenner is seen holding the lively Moo Pants, who playfully squirms before settling into a hug. With a touch of humor, Kylie captions the video, “He’s over me,” capturing the delightful chaos that comes with a new puppy.

Instagram Stories: Bedtime Antics

Kylie Jenner Posts Adorable Video of Dog Norman: 'My Boy is Getting Old'
Credit: Instagram

On Instagram, Jenner continues to share moments with Moo Pants. A video features the pup sitting on her bed, offering cute licks. Jenner humorously asks, “Are you done being crazy?” while the pup looks up at the camera. Another shot shows Kylie lying down with the dachshund positioned above her head, capturing the intimate bond between the reality TV star and her new furry friend.

Moo Pants Finds a Spot

As the playful moments unfold, Moo Pants eventually finds a spot on Jenner’s sheets and settles down, prompting Kylie to affectionately say, “You’re so cute.” The videos offer a charming look into the initial interactions between the makeup mogul and her spirited dachshund.

Norman’s Birthday Celebration

While introducing Moo Pants, Kylie Jenner doesn’t forget her longtime fur companion, Norman, the Italian greyhound, who recently celebrated his 9th birthday. Jenner shared a heartwarming video clip on her Instagram Story, expressing love for her aging pup and acknowledging, “My boy is getting old.”

Doting Dog Mom: A Kylie Jenner Tradition

Kylie Jenner’s love for her canine companions is well-documented on social media. From celebrating birthdays to creative Halloween costumes, Jenner ensures that her dogs, including Bambi, Harlie, Rosie, Sophia, and now Moo Pants, are cherished members of her family.

Addressing Concerns and Affirming Love

Jenner, who faced concerns about Norman’s well-being in the past, reiterated her commitment to her pets, stating that although she might not post about them as frequently, they remain an integral part of her life. The introduction of Moo Pants adds another delightful chapter to Kylie Jenner’s journey as a devoted dog mom.