Kylie Jenner makes Halloween debut in The Simpsons: What’s her mysterious role?

Kylie Jenner
Credit: Instagram

Reality TV star and cosmetics mogul Kylie Jenner is all set to make her animated debut in the long-running animated series “The Simpsons.” The 26-year-old celebrity will appear in the show’s iconic “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween special, playing herself in a unique twist that promises hilarity.

A Sneak Peek into Her Special Role

In a sneak peek of the episode shared by Variety, fans get a glimpse of Jenner’s animated avatar. Dressed in a black robe featuring a pyramid and USB drive design, she is also sporting slicked-back hair, diamond earrings, and a smokey-eye look. In the episode, she plays a pivotal role in assisting Marge Simpson as they try to rescue her son, Bart, who has been transformed into a non-fungible token (NFT).

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Jenner’s Key to Digital Rescue

As the storyline unfolds, Kylie’s character explains to Marge the significance of a special key she possesses, referred to as a “backdoor through the blockchain’s cryptographic protocol.” This key holds the power to navigate the digital universe, and they need it to rescue Bart. The episode humorously explores the world of blockchain and NFTs while integrating the pop culture phenomenon into the world of “The Simpsons.”

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Credits: Instagram

Kylie Jenner’s Mysterious Role

Brian Kelley, the episode’s writer, teased Kylie Jenner’s appearance in an interview with TVInsider. He described her character as a secret member of a covert force of enlightened techno-geniuses responsible for safeguarding the digital realm, making it safe for ordinary users. The writer humorously suggested that given her tech-savvy image, this role should come as no surprise to her fans.

A Star-Studded Episode

Kylie Jenner’s appearance in “The Simpsons” is not the only star-studded treat for fans. Another episode of the iconic show, set to air this Sunday, will feature a cast of well-known figures. The episode sees Mr. Burns, the infamous billionaire, falling for Persephone, a character reminiscent of Silicon Valley entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes, who was convicted of fraud. As the storyline unfolds, Mr. Burns gets entangled in her “fake it until you make it” scheme, leading to unexpected consequences.

Kylie Jenner Joins Simpsons’ Hall of Fame

Kylie Jenner joins an illustrious list of celebrities who have made appearances on “The Simpsons.” Over its 35 seasons, the show has welcomed iconic figures such as Lizzo, Halle Berry, Lady Gaga, Kelsey Grammer, Justin Bieber, Drew Barrymore, and many more. Each celebrity adds their unique flair to the fictional world of the Simpson family, creating memorable moments for the show’s dedicated fans.