Kylie Jenner playfully teases Kim Kardashian about her minimalist home on ‘The Kardashians’

Kylie Jenner
Credit: Instagram

The Kardashian-Jenner family’s dynamic is known for its playful banter and humorous exchanges, and Kylie Jenner recently took the opportunity to lovingly tease her half-sister, Kim Kardashian, during an episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians.” In a lighthearted exchange, the two sisters playfully threw shade at each other over their contrasting home styles.

A Playful Visit

The episode opens with Kim visiting Kylie at her house, where they attempt to create their own special handshake. As the sisters chat, Kim shares her excitement about her upcoming soccer trip to Europe with her son, Saint. The conversation also involves a delightful interaction with Kylie’s daughter, Stormi, about the tooth fairy.

Sibling Shade

Towards the end of their visit, the sisters engage in some friendly banter. Kylie playfully teases Kim for her minimalist home style, while Kim humorously calls out Kylie for being a hoarder. Kim mentions her curiosity about Kylie’s house and jokes about checking out the “hoarding vibes,” though Kylie quickly defends herself, insisting that she’s not a hoarder. She playfully counters, saying Kim’s house is empty because she’s a minimalist.

Kylie goes on to explain, “As far as her having like one couch in her living room, that’s not me, you know? Her house echoes because there is just no furniture, and I’m not down for that at all.”

The sisters ultimately agree to spend a day organizing together, showcasing their close bond despite their differences in interior design preferences.

Twin Flame Moments

In a confessional, Kim expresses her love for her younger sister, Kylie, referring to her as her “twin flame forever.” She observes that Kylie has matured significantly due to motherhood and growing up but notes that she hasn’t seen the carefree and playful side of Kylie for a while. Kim reminisces about the “Tumblr Kylie” days and appreciates the return of that side of her sister’s personality.

The episode captures the essence of their relationship, as the sisters enjoy each other’s company and share snippets of their lives. Kim reflects on her recent trip to Milan and expresses a desire to share such experiences with her sister, Kourtney. Meanwhile, Kylie appreciates Kim’s fashion choices and compliments her style.