Lady Gaga announces Fortnite Festival collaboration years after her 2019 tweet went viral

Lady Gaga announces 'Fortnite' collaboration years after her 2019 tweet went viral
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The hilarious, self-aware post shared by the “Poker Face” singer about her upcoming “Fortnite” festival collaboration has won the internet.

Attention, Little Monsters! The time has arrived for you to finally get your hands on the popular gaming event “Fortnite,” which will feature the multi-talented artist, who will be headlining the festival this time around. The unexpected partnership comes after Gaga came back on X (formerly known as Twitter) to correct her viral misspelled tweet in 2019 that reads, “What’s fortnight?” by quote-tweeting, “*fortnite.” The post has accumulated more than 19 million views within a few hours since the event’s announcement. 

The “Applause” singer, 37, also attached a sneak peek look of her supposed avatar’s attire with a pink background referencing her Chromatica’ era, which hints that the two worlds are about to collide, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what is to come with this year’s featured artist. The post also confirms that the Fortnite Festival is set to launch its second season on Thursday, February 22, 2024, with select entries from Gaga’s discography being made available within the game. 

Take a look at the official announcement below: 

In the comment section, the reactions by her fans have been spectacular as one X user wrote, “SHE CAN SLAY, BUT CAN SHE BUILD?” Another X user joked, “Took 5 YEARS TO FIX THAT TYPO!” A third user also left a hilarious comment stating, “you remembered your Twitter password huh.” A fourth one said, “After years she’s finally coming to Fortnite.” A fifth commented, “GAGA I USED TO PRAY FOR TIMES LIKE THIS.” A sixth one wrote, “Guess I have to start playing fortnite.”

This collaboration comes a year after the “Fortnite Festival” held a major special event with The Weeknd, whose music was made available in the game alongside a character skin that users could apply to their own players. Other music in the game includes songs from Kendrick Lamar and Weezer, among others, as well as massively successful virtual concerts from the likes of Marshmello and Travis Scott, who also had a custom skin made available for users.

Furthermore, there were earlier reports circulating suggesting that Gaga would perform a virtual concert on Fortnite. Since some of her well-known songs are currently accessible on the game, it would be interesting to see how the singer’s other songs will be included in the event now that the festival is officially happening after first being teased during The Big Bang live event. This is the last of the modes to be released after the launch of Chapter 5, following LEGO Fortnite and Rocket Racing

Most recently, the 13-time Grammy winner has been working on her upcoming untitled studio album, as Gaga shared a series of photos of herself from a recording session on Instagram. One of the posts had 859,134 likes, with a short caption clearly stating that she is working on her new album, quoting, “There’s a rat in the studio 🐀” In another post, she also confirmed to her fans that she is not making a rock album, despite what looks like she is holding an electric guitar while playing some tunes.

In this comment section, one fan wrote, “Guys she just said LG7 is COMING!!!!!👀” A second one commented, “bc you’re making an experimental album with arca yassss.” A third one said, “jazz, pop, I don’t care. If it’s something created by you, I know you’ll do the best thing possible!” A fourth one said, “Or guys she’s teasing us saying she’s not making a rock album by actually making a rock album.” A fifth one left a comment stating, “me getting crows feet trying to look at the sheets for a clue as to how lg7 sounds.”


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