LAPD investigates Michael B. Jordan car crash after video shows actor allegedly racing Ferrari

Michael B. Jordan
Credits: Michael B. Jordan/Instagram

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating Michael B. Jordan’s recent car crash following the emergence of a video showing his Ferrari racing another car earlier this month.

As per TMZ, authorities are actively working to establish that the “Black Panther” star, 36, was indeed driving the high-end sports car when it collided with a parked vehicle in Hollywood, California, on December 2. Moreover, the LAPD’s investigation further suggests that if they uncover evidence of “criminal culpability,” prosecutors could potentially bring criminal charges.

Video captioned ‘Michael B. Jordon crashing out in Hollywood’ has gone viral

The update came after the circulation of a video depicting a red and a blue Ferrari engaging in what seems like a race on a bustling section of Sunset Boulevard on the same night of the crash. The surfaced video captured the blue sports car veering left and sharply swinging right before colliding with a parked Kia.

It was posted on Instagram on Tuesday with the caption, “Michael B. Jordan crashing out in Hollywood racing another Ferrari.” The video has now gone viral on social media platforms, including X, formerly Twitter. 

The driver of the red Ferrari spoke in detail about the events of the night

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight on Friday, the driver of the red Ferrari, Tenshi Angel, shared details about the night of the crash. Angel described casually listening to music and “just vibing out” when the blue Ferrari pulled up next to him.

Recalling the lead-up to the incident, Angel explained, “We were just kind of pacing. This was before the recording, like two blocks away. We were just cruising. And then— I think it was like the next block, halfway— we were revving the engines a little bit. Once we got to the next block, that was when we were like, ‘Oh.’ Honked three times. I took off, and that’s what happened.”

What is the aftermath of the accident?

Initially, officials reported no signs of foul play or DUI at the scene of the accident. Moreover, a field sobriety test was not conducted, and no arrests were made. 

Additionally, TMZ obtained photos revealing significant damage—Jordan’s blue Ferrari lost its right fender and had a tire flew multiple yards away, while the Kia suffered dents and hanging metal scraps from the impact. Despite no explanation given by the ‘Creed III’ actor at the scene, he and his male friend appeared uninjured.

‘Lamest crash ever seen’

Netizens have found the surfaced video to be hilarious as they shared their opinions on X, formerly Twitter. “Crashed at 2mph,” a viral retweet said. “That’s the lamest crash I’ve ever seen,” a user quipped. “The owner of the Kia that Michael B Jordan crashed his Ferrari into after he realizes who hit him,” another tweet read. “Them people walking outside and realizing Michael B. Jordan hit their cars,” a netizen joked. Another hilarious tweet noted, “The person recording.”