Las Vegas man faces murder charges after shooting neighbor who exposed himself in front of kids

Las Vegas Dad Convicted Of Murder
Credit: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

A Las Vegas father faces murder charges upon shooting and killing his neighbor in Summerlin, who was allegedly displaying his genitalia towards the father’s kids.

While the incident took place, the convicted murderer Eddie Moreno’s wife was on a 911 call, and authorities picked up the gunshots as they went off in the background in an audio first acquired by 8 News Now. Eddie Moreno Jr., 32, faces murder charges of shooting and killing neighbor Joe Moreno, 47. The two are not related. Clark County Coroner’s office ruled Joe’s death as a homicide by means of multiple gunshot wounds.

In a Las Vegas police report acquired by Fox News Digital, the incident occurred amidst a heated argument between the two after Eddie and his wife arrived home from their daughter’s soccer game on Monday, May 13. The documents report that at 7 p.m., authorities picked up a 911 call from Eddie’s wife where she sounded distressed saying a neighbor was “causing a disturbance and grabbing their genitalia” on Starline Meadow Place near Lake Mead Boulevard and Anasazi Drive.

According to the audio acquired by 8 News Now, Eddie’s wife told the authorities, “I need police here right now,” adding, “This guy who just moved in next door is tweaking out. He keeps on grabbing his [censored].” Just as this is said, several gunshots are heard in the background. Eddie’s wife then continues, “He just moved in. He’s yelling at us as we just pulled into the driveway,” further saying, “He starts pulling his [censored] out in front of all of my kids so my husband shot him.”

Las Vegas Dad Convicted
Credit: KVVU

Documents obtained by Fox News Digital explained the incident in greater detail saying, “During the argument, Joe stood on a large boulder… and pulled his pen*s and scr*tm out and began thrusting towards Eddie [sic] and [the witness] resulting in Eddie [sic] shooting Joe,” adding, “[Joe Moreno] begins making threats and Eddie [sic] tells his wife to grab his gun and call 911. Eddie [sic] advised [Joe] not to come towards him and warns [Joe] that he would shoot. The male came towards Eddie [sic] while reaching in his pants and Eddie [sic] shot [Joe].”

Apart from the 911 call that gave investigators first-hand experience of the crime scene, a doorbell camera also picked up the argument between Eddie and Joe. Eddie is heard yelling at Joe, “You’re going to get [censored] up right here.” Joe replies to this, “[Goddamn], you’re going to kill me.” to which Eddie retorts angrily, ‘I don’t give a [censored], I am going to murder you, come right here. Imma murder you blood.” Joe is then heard saying, “Who you going to murder?” before Eddie replies, “You.” A minute after the gunshots, Eddie is heard saying, “That’s what he gets. He’s not going to do that in front of my kids. Are you crazy?”

Las Vegas man reportedly kills neighbor after he exposes genitals: 'I am going to murder you'

Upon arriving at the scene, paramedics found Joe injured in the driveway with his genitals allegedly out and took him to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. 5 cartridge casings were found in the crime scene and it was documented that Joe was unarmed.

Eddie was presented before a judge on Thursday morning and his bail was charged at $100,000. Additionally, he was instructed not to converse with Joe’s girlfriend, who had allegedly locked him out of the house due to an argument during which the incident took place, and is not allowed to have firearms at his property. According to inmate records acquired by Fox News, Eddie is currently out of jail and his next court date is scheduled for August 13.