Late ASTRO star Moonbin’s fans gather to attend concert screening in Japan

Late ASTRO star Moonbin's fans gather to attend concert screening in Japan
Credit: Instagram

In a heartwarming tribute to the late Moonbin, the dedicated fan club of ASTRO organized a special screening titled ‘In Memory Of MOON BIN <The 3rd ASTROAD to JAPAN [STARGAZER]>.’ This event, held one month after his passing, brought together thousands of AROHAs, the loyal fanbase of ASTRO, to commemorate and celebrate the life of Moonbin, a beloved member of the group.

A Gathering of AROHAs: Commemorating Moonbin’s Life and Legacy

The special screening served as a gathering of AROHAs, who came together to show their love and support for Moonbin and ASTRO. Fans from all walks of life attended the event, creating an atmosphere of unity and remembrance. Attendees had the opportunity to share their memories, express their emotions, and reflect on Moonbin’s talent, charisma, and impact as an artist and member of ASTRO.

Online Messages of Love: A Global Outpouring of Support for Moonbin

Recognizing that not all fans could attend the event in person, the organizers provided an avenue for AROHAs worldwide to send online messages honoring Moonbin. This heartfelt gesture allowed fans from around the world to express their love, support, and gratitude for the late idol. The overwhelming number of messages showcased the deep connection between Moonbin and his fans, highlighting the profound impact he had on their lives.

Honoring Moonbin’s Impact: A Touching Tribute to a Beloved Idol

The special screening served as a touching tribute to Moonbin’s legacy, celebrating his contributions to the music industry and the hearts of fans. Through the screening of ‘The 3rd ASTROAD to JAPAN [STARGAZER],’ AROHAs paid their respects and created an atmosphere of love and remembrance. The event served as a poignant reminder of the impact Moonbin had during his time with ASTRO and the lasting imprint he left on the K-pop community.


The special screening held in memory of ASTRO’s Moonbin was a testament to the love and admiration fans have for him. AROHAs united in a heartfelt tribute, honoring Moonbin’s talent, passion, and influence as a member of ASTRO. The gathering allowed fans to come together, share their memories, and express their continued support. The online messages from fans around the world further emphasized the lasting impact of Moonbin’s presence. As we remember Moonbin’s legacy, we are reminded of the profound bond between idols and their fans and the enduring impact they leave behind.