Locke and Key Season 4: Will we ever get to see another season?

Locke and Key Season 4
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Is Locke and Key Season 4 in the making? Find out.

Netflix’s original horror series, Locke and Key, has a way of putting its teetering on the edges of their seats with its humorous and wildly powerful scenes. With its third season airing on the streaming giant, we continue to see the adventures of Kinsey (Emilia Jones), Tyler (Connor Jessup), and Bode Locke (Jackson Robert Scott).

If you are a fan of the series, then there might be some bad news waiting for you just around the corner. However, we would not break the bad news just yet. First, check out the Season 3 trailer, if you haven’t already watched the season yet.

Locke and Key Season 3 | Teaser Trailer | Netflix

Is the fate of Locke and Key sealed, once and for all?

We hate to be the ones breaking the bad news, but the show will not be returning for the fourth season. And this is official. Season 3 is officially the last season of Locke and Key. Considering the firmness of the official streamer when it comes to cancellations and its history with three-season runs, we know that it is set in stone.

One of the major reasons why Netflix must have decided to seal the fate of Locke and Key in Season 3 is that it is a subscriber-based business. There comes the point after which a certain show fails to induce more subscribers. If there are more seasons of a show, any potential subscriber would not want to start off from the beginning to quench his newly-formed interest.

Considering the show’s creators, Locke and Key were destined for only three seasons. During the announcement of the show’s ending, Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill, the co-showrunners, said, “Once we began working on the series, we felt three seasons was the ideal length to bring the story of the Locke family and their Keyhouse adventures to a satisfying conclusion.”

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They further mentioned how grateful they are to have the opportunity to recount their version of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s “incredible story” in the way they wanted.

Be that as it may, there is more content from the comix books series beyond these three seasons that have been recounted on screen. As per the five-year, 37-issue original run, Joe Hill/Gabriel Rodriguez series has six different series arcs. These stories will have to be sufficed as words on pages.

The cast of the series, which included Emilia Jones, Connor Jessup and Jackson Robert Scott, has also reportedly moved on from the series and began new projects. For example, Emilia Jones received a BAFTA nomination in 2022 for CODA. The movie also received the Best Picture award at the 2022 Oscars.

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