Look out for THESE green flags in a relationship

green flags in a relationship
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We are always waiting for ‘the one’ who would give us goosebumps and butterflies in our tummy, a person who can make all the Taylor Swift songs true and say ‘It is a love story, baby just say yes’. Someone you can truly love and goof around with.

However, in the era of dating apps, finding love gets complicated. Love itself, as a feeling, has evolved. With that, our expectations towards working-out these relationships has also evolved. 

So, if a relationship can come with a list of its own red flags to look out for, it comes with green flags, too. However, we tend to miss out on those. If you are wondering what those green flags are, here’s a list. 

Constant Communication:

Green flags in a relationship

How to communicate constantly? Should we be on call 24/7. No, that is where most couples make a mistake, you do not need to have quantity of conversations, you need to have quality. Even when you are angry with each other, communicating how you felt bad and moving on, telling them when it is not one of your best days mentally, would help them know you better.

Mutual respect:

green flags

A partner who maintains respect for you when they are angry or upset with you or just knowing when to stop and not pushing limits, is truly a sign of maturity that needs to be appreciated. Respecting feelings, experiences and the fact that you both are equally affected, helps you come and find each other much easily than most others.

 Open awkward communications:

Green flags in a relationship

Thinking your partner smells good today? Tell them. Thinking the physical intimacy needs to be spiced up? Tell them. Talk to them about anything and everything, from mild to wild just so that your partner also knows your inner wishes and helps you to accomplish them.

Being each other’s best friend:

One thing that most people miss out on, is best friendship in a relationship. Imagine fighting with Star-Wars swords or going for midnight Mc Donald’s drives, you can be absolutely romantic one minute, and be dancing to a rock-metal song in another. When your partner is your best friend your world feels complete and this feeling of wholesome is the brightest green flag in a relationship.

Helping each other rise:

green flags

Always remember, a partner who restricts you from growing and being independent, can be a wrong one for you. Love is not enough, efforts are required to keep the love alive, and that can only happen if you let each other evolve and accept all the changes coming on your way.

Being clear about the future:


A green flag does not mean, get married right away. It is knowing that this is the person you want to marry and openly talking about it or declaring it whether it is social media, the respective families or peer groups.

Now you might wonder, ‘I know it all’ but often we fail to look at our relationships being a third person ourselves. It is time to change that, introspect yourself as a partner and even how you and your partner stay, this would help you get better and have a healthy relationship