Man stabbed twice after giving stranger ride in act of kindness


From massacres to killings, loot, and theft or store picking. All of this is a normal affair. But amongst such trust issues and a world full of grey, a Missouri man had been stabbed twice while performing an act of kindness, as per PEOPLE.

Doctore Patron, as the man has identified himself, was shocked after the incident when 28-year-old Tyler Rizer tried killing him. But how? Fox 4 News reported, “that he had been working on his truck at his Independence home on Sept. 29 when a man — later identified by police as 28-year-old Tyler Rizer — approached him asking for a ride.”

Patron wanted to be kind to this young man and asked him why he was there. Fox 4 News further reported, “He said his car broke down there and he needed a ride back to Target, and me being a nice guy, I agreed to give him a ride.” However, PEOPLE reported that once Doctore let Rizer in, the man kept acting weird and changed his locations multiple times, which he earlier said was just Target.

But when Patron tried to pull over, danger unfolded. The affidavit by police and as reported by KMBC TV sees the incident in depth. Even the Kansas City Star adds to the narrative, saying, “Rizer allegedly took control of the car and began to threaten Paton.

'Stranger danger is real': Independence man stabbed while doing a good deed

He had also allegedly removed a knife from the center console while doing so. Heather, who is Patron’s wife, was interviewed by KMBC TV, and she said that “Rizer told her husband, “You’re going to keep driving or I’m going to stab you.”

But Patron, being smart, did the opposite and pulled over, as per Fox 4 News. Doctore says, “I went to the shoulder, and I got the car slow enough to where I could throw the car in park, and took the key out of the ignition,” Fox 4 News further reports, “Paton said that when he tried to get out of the car, Rizer stabbed him in the chest with the knife twice. “I thought my life was in danger,” and “I thought he was going to kill me.”

Fox 4 News and KMBC TV report further that his neighbor saw him and shoved away Rizer with a shovel. They say, “After he was stabbed, he ran to a neighbor’s home and the neighbor chased Rizer away with a shovel.”

“I thank him very much for saving my life,” Paton said of his neighbor. Paton managed to escape and was transported to the hospital with critical injuries,” the Kansas City Star reported from the Police affidavit that “after stabbing Paton, Rizer continued his crime spree by jumping a fence and entering another resident’s yard, where he threatened a mother and her two kids.

He reportedly stole their car, which was then involved in a crash. Witnesses reportedly told police that Rizer attempted to carjack someone after that crash before he was eventually captured. “Rizer has a history of felony convictions that include assault on a law enforcement officer, robbery, burglary and motor vehicle tampering.”

At present, Rizer has been charged with assault and armed criminal action, as per Fox 4 News.