Manifest Season 4 is not coming to Netflix in August 2022

Manifest season 4: Is it coming on Netflix in August 2022?
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Read on to find out the latest updates on Manifest Season 4.

As the adage, ‘Expectations hurt’ goes, we forewarn you not to have the expectation for the upcoming season of Manifest to release soon. A lot expected the season to premiere on August 28, 2022, considering flight 828, but, as we mentioned at the start, Manifest Season 4 is unfortunately not coming to Netflix in August 2022.

Unlike its antecedent, Season 3, which arrived on Netflix US on August 21, 2021, without any sort of warning, a lot of its fans expected Manifest Season 4 to release in August. However, that’s not happening.

Over the years, the series has only observed an ascending slope in terms of viewerships and building a fanbase, owing to its riveting plotline and addictive supernatural elements. Created by Jeff Rake, the official synopsis of the show (courtesy of Netflix) reads:

“When a plane mysteriously lands years after takeoff, the people onboard return to a world that has moved on without them and face strange, new realities.”

With a cast like Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, J.R. Ramirez, Luna Blaise, Parveen Kaur, Matt Long, Jack Messina and Holly Taylor, it’s impossible to resist such a fantabulous show.

If you haven’t, then check out the trailer of its latest season:

Manifest Season 4 | Geeked Week Sneak Peek | Netflix

What will Manifest Season 4 be about?

In an interview with Netflix Life, Josh Dallas, who reprises the role of Ben Stone in this supernatural drama, mentioned that the upcoming season will have a time jump of two years, signaling that the characters will be running short of time as their date approaches.

He said, “We begin the next season two years from where we left off season 3. So we’ve moved ahead in time.” Later in the same interview, he said, “Sometimes I think- and of course, I haven’t gotten to the end- that he could be the agent of the apocalypse, the downfall of all of this because of the way he is so tenacious… The first part of the season is not going to be easy.”

Not only that, but he also shared something about his character Ben on Twitter. He commented, “To be honest…. he’s(Ben) not in a great place.” Re-tweeting an on-set photo of a funeral, he captioned, “Brace yourselves.”

Is there a release date for Manifest Season 4?

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There is no official announcement made as of yet regarding the release date of Manifest Season 4 by the streaming giant. Be that as it may, in early June, Deadline mentioned that the upcoming installment of the show would be released somewhere during the fall. Until then, continue to check this space for more details on Manifest Season 4.