Manifest Season 4: What we know so far

Manifest Season 4

Ever had an interest in vanishing planes and all the mysteries behind them? Has the hair behind your neck stood when someone mentions the Bermuda Triangle or the 2014 mysterious Malaysian plane vanishing? Well, as dark as this seems a lot of conspiracy theories being cooked up around these show us how supernatural elements can be responsible for the same. Now combine supernatural, events related to disappearing planes and a show – it makes the Manifest and the show is back for a fourth season. Yes, Manifesters, Manifest Season 4 is happening and how.

Here is all we need to know about Manifest Season 4.

Manifest Season 4 Release Date:


Manifest Season 4 is set to release in the Winter of 2022. The show was announced in 2021 to show us the significance of the missing flight number 828. The announcement regarding the release date was done as a reply to a fan’s tweet. Now one really needs to wait and watch for the drop of any new announcements regarding the final season.

Manifest Season 4 Trailer

As the confirmation of the release date is uncertain, no trailer has been released but if you see the social media accounts of all the cast, they have been actively posting about shooting for Manifest Season 4 and being on the screens soon.

Manifest Season 4 Cast

While details say that most of the cast remained the same and signed up for renewal, they were not contractually bound to do so after 2021.

 Michaela Stone is played by Melissa Roxburgh.

 Ben Stone is played by Josh Dallas.

 Jared Vasquez is played by J.R. Ramirez.

 Saanvi Bahl is played by Parveen Kaur.

Angelina Meyer is played by Holly Taylor.

Olivia Stone played by Luna Blaise. 

Manifest Season 4 Expected Plot

The final season would wind up and give an end to the mystery, what is the element causing all the distress? Is it really supernatural? Is everything at all ever going to be alright? Will this show have a tragic end or a happy one? The show will answer all our questions.

How many episodes will be there in Manifest Season 4?

Manifest Season 4

The show has always had a larger number of episodes with a greater runtime as the director, Jeff Rake, believes in detailed storytelling. The first season had 16 episodes while the other two had 13 each. The current season will have 20 episodes as the finale needs to have justice done to it to not leave any open ends for the future.

Manifest Recap

The show follows the story of a commercial airliner 828 that reappears after 5 and a half years. Now people were declared dead, this breaks chaos about are they even real? A smart officer is involved and her intuitions get involved while multiple sequences of flashbacks happen among the various crew and passengers. We see the bond of unity and discrepancy built among the passengers and how they strive to survive every day. With every new season, newer truths about individuals and the plane itself are unfolded and now we are curious to know whether all that is here is even real or not? 

Where to watch Manifest?

The series is officially available on Netflix now. The first three seasons were a part of the platform NBC and the fourth one will be found on Netflix as the rights are sold to them now.