Mariah Carey reveals her perfect bath ritual

A perfect bath according to Mariah Carey
Credits: MARIAH CAREY / Instagram

Mariah Carey’s concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles created an impeccable environment for her fans, famously known as Lambs. Amidst the slightly chilly atmosphere of November, thousands of Lambs were huddled together with their Christmas beanies and everything Christmasy. All they wanted for Christmas was Mariah Carey’s concert and a concert did they get!

Announced as the Queen of Christmas, she proclaims, “It’s…Time!” every year on November 1, according to PEOPLE, transitioning between a wide spectrum of colors. The outlet further reports that the Queen then advances to play on superhit “All I Want for Christmas Is You”, or “the love song for the holiday.”

However, not all were in favor of the 54-year-old “Without You” singer to be called the Queen of Christmas. In 2022, the Federal Trademark Board denied Carey the title. However, it could not beat the unanimous opinion of the increasing number of Lambs. PEOPLE asserts that Mariah Carey is the Queen of this season and might perhaps be the “Queen of All Things Festive.”

This can only be testified when a fan, with a wide smile and the words “It’s Time” printed across his chest, screamed, “All I want for Christmas is you, Mariah!” He said to his friend next to him, according to PEOPLE, “She saves my Christmas. Every year.”

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Carey says, “I’ve been looking forward to this Christmas for, like, the whole year. Since last year — because last year wasn’t the greatest. I’m thankful for them all, but it wasn’t my most fun version of Christmas ever.”

Talking about the same, she reveals that one of the ways she deals with it is through writing. She calls it her prayer. “It’s like these little things that can take you from possibly being in a really bad mood to just being in a better place immediately. And just really being thankful for all scenarios, all the moments that come our way. I don’t read anything written about me. That’s one of my coping mechanisms. It’s taking a bath.”

And when it comes to her bath, no one could forget her Jimmy Kimmel interview when she was soaked in a bathtub.

Mariah Carey Takes a Bath in a Gown With Jimmy Kimmel, Says She Won't Get Married in Las Vegas

The Christmas Queen further reveals the nitty-gritty of a perfect bath to PEOPLE. Expressing her aversion to “too many bubbles”, she says, “If someone is kind enough to say ‘Okay, I know you’re probably going to want to get inside and go in the bath, so I’ll run it for you.’ Well . . . . They put in too many bubbles. That gets a little bit out of control because then you can’t just lay back without getting bubbles all over you.”

For bath fanatics, take down notes because Carey further shares her recipe for the perfect bath. “I prefer the bath salts, and those can really be good, especially if you’re a little sore or whatever, you can just soak in bath salts. My latest favourite are the orange ones. They’re really good. Then there’s the lavender ones that are really relaxing.”

Don’t forget the bath oils, according to Carey.

She further adds, “Everybody gets mad at me when they talk to me and I’m in the bath. They’re like, ‘It’s a little boomy where you are. What are you doing?’ But I’ve been like that since I was little.”

Reminding herself to take milk baths, Carey remarks, “Cleopatra bathed in milk, darling. If you’re unaware, you should be aware of this.”