Mark Sheppard “brought back from the dead” after 6 major heart attacks: ‘I collapsed in my kitchen’

Mark Sheppard
Credit: Mark Sheppard Instagram

The ‘Supernaturals’ star touched death and was resurrected four times!

Mark Sheppard reiterated the events of the miraculous yet traumatizing incident that occurred that day via an Instagram post on Saturday. He captioned the post, “You’re not going to believe this! Was on my way to an appointment yesterday when I collapsed in my kitchen,” adding, “Six massive heart attacks later, and being brought back from dead 4 times I apparently had a 100% blockage in my [left anterior descending artery].”

The 59-year-old actor shared a picture of him lying down on the hospital bed in his Instagram post. He further shared that the heart attack that he suffered from was a ‘widowmaker’ attack. According to the Cleveland Clinic, this heart attack occurs from “full blockage in [the] heart’s biggest artery.”


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Sheppard continued in the caption, “My chances of survival were virtually nil. I feel great. Humbled once more. Home tomorrow!”

In his post, shared via Page Six, he sent his heartfelt gratitude to his wife, Sarah Louise Fudge, the Los Angeles Fire Department, and the hospital staff that cared for him. He wrote, “If not for my wife, the @losangelesfiredepartment at Mulholland and the incredible staff @providencecalifornia St Joseph’s – I wouldn’t be writing this.”

Upon viewing this befuddling news, well-wishers, fans, and fellow co-stars rushed to the comment section and sent their love and wishes. Misha Collins, who played Castiel in the TV series, wrote, “You’ve impressed us, okay. Now stop with this heal up and get back on the road with us. Love you, pal.”

Felicia Day, who portrayed the character Charlie Bradbury, wrote, “Omg Mark I am so glad you’re recovering this is awful! Sending all my love to you and the family.”

John Barrowman, who starred alongside Sheppard in “Doctor Who,” also wrote, “Mark, WTF…if there is anything you need or I can do just let me know,” adding, “I am just a small journey away. Please do all they tell you to make yourself heal and get well. You are a lovely soul and a lovely man. I am sending you lots of love…”