Mass. Man dies of a freak knife accident at restaurant parking lot

Man Killed In Freak Accident
Credit: GoFundMe

The release of death can come when you are least expecting it. It occurs at the most unexpected time in the most unusual way you can fathom.

A Massachusetts man named Patrick Kenney Jr. was located injured from an “accidental” fatal knife injury and was found in the said state just after 9 p.m. local time in the Kowloon parking lot in Saugus, per the reports of The Boston Globe, NBC affiliate WBTS and ABC affiliate WCVB. Thereafter, he succumbed to his injuries and was reported dead at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

Concerning this freak accident, the Essex County District Attorney’s Office released a statement, per the Globe, “This incident appears to be accidental, and no additional parties are believed to be involved.”

From the negligent amount of details uncovered from this incident, Kenney’s wound seemed to have originated from the knife attached to the lanyard he was wearing around his neck, per People cited through the WBTS and WCVB reports. At the time of the accident, the 42-year-old man was reportedly at the restaurant for a birthday party with about 30 other people at the time.

A family member of the restaurant owner, Bob Wong, shared that the incident caused him tremendous devastation. Wong shared that some in the Kenney family were regulars at the restaurant, saying they were “going through a tough period” and that the “focus” “should really” be on them.

A statement issued by Kenney’s family reflected that they believed that what happened was an accident. It said, “Our family is mourning the loss of Patrick, focused on his wife Lauren and two young children, and trying to make sense of this horrific tragedy,” adding, “Patrick was a loving father and husband, brother, son and loyal friend to many.”

His death investigation is still active, and new evidence will emerge soon which will emerge here.