McG teases the return of ‘The Babysitter 3’ to Netflix

The Babysitter
Credits: Netflix

In a recent exclusive interview, the director of Netflix’s unexpected blockbuster, ‘The Babysitter,’ dropped hints about a potential third installment that could bring the horror series to a gripping conclusion. Notably, the franchise has proven to be a launching pad for its lead actors, featuring lead actors Samara Weaving and Jenna Ortega, both of whom skyrocketed to stardom.

The franchise director, McG, hinted at the possibility of stepping back from the director’s chair for the highly anticipated third movie, expressing a potential shift to a producer role in the project. 

McG looks forward to making ‘The Babysitter 3’

While an official Netflix release date for ‘The Babysitter 3’ remains unconfirmed, McG has expressed his excitement about the idea of making it happen. “Yeah, we’re still talking about it,” McG told ComicBook exclusively. “It was fun. The first movie, obviously, gave Samara Weaving to the world, and the second movie was Jenna Ortega. Hopefully, we can answer the call and find a third star that reaches those lofty heights.”

McG hopes to cast a future star for ‘The Babysitter 3’

McG also expressed his hope to cast an amazing actor who will wow the fans for the possible sequel. “If there’s a sequel, we want to cast someone who will really blow the fans away,” he said.

With Samara Weaving and Jenna Ortega rising to stardom after the success of ‘The Babysitter’, it seems McG possesses a talent for discovering future stars. Moreover, McG and his team are keen to cast a rising star for the franchise’s third part. 

All in all, ‘The Babysitter 3’ appears to be in the initial stages, with the script yet to be finalized. Given the franchise’s impressive history of launching careers, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of “The Babysitter 3.”