Meg Ryan and David Duchovny talk about favorite rom-coms and their new movie

Meg Ryan David
Credits: What Happens Later

As their upcoming romantic comedy movie prepares for a theatre release, Meg Ryan and David Duchovny engaged in a conversation about their favorite romantic comedies. Following a special screening of their film ‘What Happens Later’ in New York City on Monday, Ryan, 61, and Duchovny, 63, were asked to reveal their all-time favorite “screwball comedies or rom-coms.”

What are Ryan and Duchovny’s favourite rom-coms?

“Last Tango in Paris,” said Duchovny jokingly, as he referred to a controversial drama of 1972. Ryan, on the other hand, answered, “I love Bringing up Baby,” a 1938 film that starred Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant.

Ryan opens up about why she goes to the movies

Ryan went on to express that she attends movies in order “to feel something,” as per People. “I’m not going to be taught anything or to… I’m not going for that. I’m going to have my heart opened or be thrilled or go on a ride,” she said. “I just want to feel things. I think the movies are primarily about wonder. They’re still gossamer.”

“I remember the first movie I directed, I was at a film festival and I had an opportunity to be at the side of the stage down here and watch the light hit the screen,” Ryan continued. “I was really aware of the nothingness and everythingness of it and how everything meaningful about it was happening in the audience’s part, in them. It’s incredible that light and sound can do that, can conspire to do that.”

Ryan and Duchovny’s movie is a ‘rom-dram’

Ryan and Duchovny’s What Happens Later is a romantic comedy that follows the story of two exes, Bill and Willa, who unexpectedly reunite at an airport and find themselves stuck together overnight due to heavy snowfall.

During a Q&A session on Monday, Ryan and Duchovny discussed whether What Happens Later is more of a romantic comedy or drama. To which Duchovny playfully suggested it to be called a “rom-dram.”

“I got very interested in the idea that these are two people trying to make sense of a life not lived together and that for all this time, I always think of it as a kind of Hanging Chad,” Ryan said, as per People. “The unresolved thing was, ‘Why didn’t you love me enough?’ It’s this unanswered question for 20 years and now they have this one night, this magical night.”

“That’s a mature issue,” she added. “It’s not something I think 20-year-olds think about.” Duchovny added, “Though, I think they’d love the movie. Meg?” She said in response, “Okay, yes. It’s also for 20-year-olds.”