Meghan Markle is reportedly ‘furious’ at the royal family over ‘different rules’ set for her

Meghan Markle
Credit: Instagram

There appears to be yet another rift in the royal family. Meghan Markle is reportedly ‘furious’ over what appears to be a set of “different” rules applied to her compared to the rest of the royal family, as indicated by royal expert and commentator Neil Sean. Sean drew parallels between the Duchess of Sussex and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, who has recently been actively engaging in TV interviews.

According to Sean, Meghan is particularly irked by the fact that “Fergie pops up on things like the ITV daytime show ‘This Morning,’ ‘Loose Women’ and billing herself as the Duchess of York, selling books” all while maintaining a connection to the Royal Family. Sean shared these insights with GB News, noting, “Meghan and Harry seemingly don’t understand why it’s a different rule for her.”

Sarah Ferguson has not faced as much criticism as the Sussexes

In 2020, the Sussexes made the controversial decision to depart from the royal family and relocate to California, seeking privacy. Since then, the couple has embarked on various projects detailing their challenges within royal life. These include Prince Harry’s bombshell memoir, “Spare,” their interview with Oprah Winfrey, and the highly criticized Netflix documentary, “Harry & Meghan.” As a result, the couple has faced substantial backlash for sharing intimate details of their relationships with royal family members publicly.

In contrast, Ferguson, who has maintained a regular presence on television, participating in various shows and writing multiple books in recent years, her appearances have not garnered as much criticism as those of the Sussexes.

Meghan Markle will soon publish her own memoir

The ‘Suits’ actress is reportedly considering writing her own memoir, following in the footsteps of her husband. There’s talk that her book might reveal a lot of interesting information. With Meghan planning to release her memoir, publishers are already showing interest. However, according to Sean, Meghan might have to share three chapters before receiving any payment.

“A few publishers did show interest, they feel they can make a buck but it’s all about the money they would have to shell out. Can you imagine the humiliation when they said they’d like to see at least three chapters first to see how the story pans out,” he said on his YouTube channel.

Sean continued: “In the world of publishing, this means one thing. They want to see if you’ve got a worthwhile story. The sticking point is they can’t trust giving anything out to a publisher without top-level security because it could get leaked and then the whole deal will be ruined.”

‘It can only go one or two ways’

Speaking to the Daily Mail earlier this month PR expert Mark Borkowski expressed, “Something is beginning to unwind at the heart of Meghan and Harry.” 

He added, “I think 2024 is going to be seismic, either because they’re going to do something to recover and find a new positive tactic or it’s going to be the undoing of the brand. It can only go one or two ways. It can’t stay where it is at the moment. Because it’s clearly not working.”