Virgin River Season 4: Do Mel and Jack get engaged? Details INSIDE

Virgin River Season 4
Credits: Netflix

Virgin River Season 4 has finally arrived on Netflix, and there’s a lot to cover!

Virgin River is the story of Mel Monroe, played by the This Is Us star Alexandra Breckenridge. After experiencing an unimaginable loss, Mel relocated to Virgin River to work as a nurse in a small clinic at the start of the series. After a rocky beginning in the small, isolated town, Mel eventually adjusts and falls in love with a local veteran and bar owner Jack Sheridan, played by Martin Henderson.

Fans will recall that the third season ended abruptly when Mel Monroe informed Jack Sheridan that she was expecting a child. The only difficult aspect was that she is unaware of the father’s identity. The show picked up from where it left in season 3, where we were also introduced to two new characters. Due to the Covid-19, veteran actor McCrea was unable to film season 3 but returned in season 4 and is now a key player as Hope, the mayor of Virgin River.

Virgin River Season 4
Credits: Netflix

We now have answers to some of our most pressing questions, thanks to the release of season 4. These include who killed Jack, the identity of Mel’s baby’s father, and whether Mel and Jack will survive another season. And as you might anticipate, season 4 finishes with a dramatic revelation that is completely unexpected.

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*Spoilers Ahead*

Was the father of Mel’s baby revealed?

It was unlikely to be revealed who was the father of Mel’s child in season 4 itself, but fortunately, the writers gave fans a little bit of relief. In the season finale, Mel receives the results, the two lovers are cuddling up in bed, and, despite their reluctance, they choose to remove the bandage and check. Mel is ecstatic to announce to Jack that he is the father and that their unborn is a baby girl.

Do Jack and Mel get engaged?

Virgin River Season 4 ends with Mel and Jack getting engaged. The end of the penultimate episode shows the adorable couple enjoying a romantic evening in Jack’s new Airstream. After making a wonderful speech and getting down on one knee with a stunning diamond ring, Jack then asks Mel for her hand in marriage. There’s no deceiving us; the show ends before Mel has a chance to respond. We are aware that she will accept without a doubt. As the finale gets underway, Mel replies that she will marry Jack.

After the proposal, there is a two-day time gap, during which Jack and Mel learn the results of the paternity test.

Virgin River Season 4
Credits: Netflix

Virgin River Cast

The zany, tight-knit Virgin River community, a fictional hamlet in Northern California, welcomed back its original cast for the fourth season of the popular Netflix romantic comedy Virgin River while also introducing a few fresh faces to mix things up. Lead actors Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, who play Mel and Jack, the on-again, off-again couple surrounded by small-town drama, wholesome comedy, and the occasional car collision, kidnapping, or untimely death, are at the center of Virgin River’s fourth season.

While in an interview with Parade, Breckenridge spoke about her character in the show,”I think that Mel is an extremely patient person. I think that that’s innate in Mel, it just comes to her, she is that way. That’s the difference between us…She’s obviously very nurturing and she’s a caregiver by nature, but I think the patience is what eclipses Mel.”

Virgin River Season 4
Credits: Netflix

Thankfully, Jack and Mel are doing well at the conclusion of Virgin River season 4! We can only speculate as to what may happen to them going forward in Virgin River Season 5.