Men in Kilts Season 3: Is it renewed or canceled?

Men in Kilts Season 2: What we know so far?
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Kilts. As unique as the word sounds, the meaning is even more beautiful. Who knew it is a skirt with many folds or pleats, which is a traditional dress of Scotland, not for women, but for men. They wear it on special occasions, especially their countryside festivals, and dance with it as well as enjoy the celebrations.

Here, we are talking about gender debates, and countries like Scotland are already breaking stereotypes very well. If we say that two men or a few men take down the journey of discovering their homeland from their own lens after they have migrated to another city or country, if you are someone who likes to watch nostalgia going back home, exploring, and traveling, then the show is for you. With season two coming to an end with just four short episodes, fans are waiting for more. Here is all we know about Men in Kilts Season 3 so far.

Has Men in Kilts Season 3 been renewed?

Men in Kilts Season 2: What we know so far?
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No. But the show has not been officially canceled either. The STARZ network can look for renewal, but only post-SAG AfTRA and WGA strikes. We will not see any update before 2024. The makers and cast want to indulge on another road trip and unwind new stories as well as experiences, but considering the time and production costs, it might not be the most feasible decision at the moment.

Men in Kilts Season 3 Expected Release Date:

Men in Kilts Season 2: What we know so far?
Credits: Instagram

The show will not be out anytime before late 2024 or 2025 as the network already has a set number of shows to get back on track, and such labor-intensive shows would need time and costs, which the producers would be willing to invest only once they have recovered through other shows.

Men in Kilts Season 3 Expected Cast:

Men in Kilts 1
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In a documentary since 2021, we can see Graham McTavish and Sam Heughman as the main cast. We also have supporting back-end staff like Gary Lewis, Alistair Moffat, Richard Taylor, Inia Maxwell, and Fleur Sullivan.

Men in Kilts Season 3 Expected Plot:

Men in Kilts 2
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The show has a comedy, reality documentary style with four episodes per season and an IMDb rating of 8.5/10; the official synopsis reads; “Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish take viewers on a road-trip, discovering the rich and complex heritage of their native Scotland.” We still do not know if the show will return for a season 3 in the same country or another one.  We can see them head to the USA, New York, or Jamaica as it has a connection to Outlander, something common to both men. Will more men be joining in? Only time will tell.

Where to watch Men in Kilts Season 3?

Men in Kilts 3
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The show can be streamed on these platforms with a subscription;

  • Hulu Network
  • Starz Official Site
  • Amazon Prime Video

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Men in Kilts 4
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While we are anticipating for the show to return, it is unlikely as docu-series are known for their short, crisp, and realistic nature. They are not fiction shows that need to go on forever. But seeing the last episode’s rating at 9.4/10 on IMDb, we can be hoping for a new season.